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Pavel - Science and Engineering

Name: Pavel Ivanov
Age: 24
Programme: Information Technology (Mathematics)
Home country: Russian Federation

I chose TUT since it has been found in one of the technological centers of Finland. It has proved that it provides excellent education and highly qualified engineers by supplying research and development resources for high-tech industry, which is known to be one of the best in Europe and globally.

I have been studying Applied Mathematics and Informatics for my Bachelor degree, and studies mostly included theoretical disciplines. I desired to move from theory to practice. TUT provided me with the unique opportunity to study Information Technology with specialization in mathematics. This programme enabled me to apply my theoretical knowledge and skills in industrial projects.

Projects and Practical studies are the most interesting for me. However, lectures and laboratory work are equally important and complement each other. First provide a theoretical base, second provide an expertise and qualification to achieve final results.

Besides studies, TUT has its identical and diverse student life with its distinctive traditions and culture, including plenty of guilds, clubs of interests and sport activities from fishing to rope jumping.

It is a place, where you start as a student and graduate as an engineer. TUT has strong collaboration with the Finnish industry, including plenty of industrial projects carried out in 20 Departments by research groups. And every student has an opportunity to join the research team according to his/her major and scientific interest.

Finland is a lovely country. Living in here is quite easy in terms of comfort, infrastructures and communications. However, Finland has its own peculiarities, you just need to get used to them. But friendly Finns will help you to cope with any problem.

My own message to prospective students would be: study hard, party hard, do sports and be happy.



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