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Olga - Bioengineering

Name: Olga Anufrieva
Age: 24
Programme: MSc Programme in Science and Bioengineering, Biotechnology
Home country: Russia

There are numerous reasons why I made such choice. The most significant ones could be the following. Firstly, TUT is one of the best engineering universities in Finland. Secondly, the program I have chosen was described fully at the site of TUT and I could see all offered courses beforehand. Finally, I have asked current at that time students and got perfect recommendations. Therefore, I had no doubt in making my choice.

It is hard to choose the best side of my studies because everything is perfectly combined. For example, friendly atmosphere and high professionalism of lecturers and university staff inspire me for studying as well as make it to go smoothly. It is combined with high quality laboratories which consist of different specialized equipment. So, it gives me a great chance to try various techniques. Moreover, library and other university equipment as well as electronic portals are high-tech, freely and easily to be used which makes the process of studying more convenient.  

If the reasons mentioned above could be seen as not enough for recommending TUT, I can definitely add some more. Firstly, organization of studying process is flexible so that everyone can find the most suitable way. Secondly, TUT gives a lot of further opportunities in finding a job or continuing studies in PhD. It becomes possible due to different organizations and helpful coordinators of my program whose doors are always open. The last but not least is that Finland has fantastically beautiful nature in all the seasons. Endless forest and numerous lakes in combination with snow fields in winter and «white nights» with ongoing shining sun during summer makes studying process pleasurable.

I have spent 1 year in Finland and during that time I went back home just twice. It does’t mean that I don’t miss it but it means that Finland replace me everything. Because of friendly people around me, welcoming atmosphere and beautiful nature I feel myself just as at home. Besides, I found a lot of new friends here from different countries thanks to tutoring program in TUT.

Finland is very nice place for staying and TUT is the best place for studying. There is no any doubt for me. However, if you still have any, come here to study and you will see that all possible doubts were false

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