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Natalia - Architecture

Name: Natalia Rincon
Age: 29
Programme: MSc. in Architecture - Major in Sustainable Architecture
Home country: Mexico


Before I came to Finland I had already done an exchange in Spain and Malaysia, where I met several Finns who spoke about all the amazing things that Finland had. Afterwards, I returned to Mexico to finish my bachelor in Architecture and, needless to say, I started thinking of the possibility of actually completing my Master Degree in Finland.


I had a tough decision to make because I was accepted in two of the most prestigious universities in Finland. Nonetheless, I finally decided to attend TUT as I had heard that professors really took good care of their students, the students were very friendly and the architecture program satisfied the trends of the world. It just seemed the right place to be! So far, I can’t regret the decision I made. I love the school, the atmosphere, and the people.

As for the country I have to say, it’s more than cold weather and a hard language. It has given me the perspective of a society that is self-driven, independent and different from the tendencies of the world. It follows its own pace and it does it outstandingly.

So, if I could give something for all students it would be this: Exchange is great anywhere, it changes your perspective 180 degrees, but why then choose Finland? I’ll use a thought from Nan Ellin to answer this. “When I lived in Paris, I wished I were there in the 1860s, as the city was undergoing dramatic social and urban transformations that marked its destiny. When I lived in New York, I wished I had been there in the 1910s, when massive migration and city-building were forming its inimitable character. And when I lived in Los Angeles, I wished I had been there in the 1950s, its defining decade.” Living in Finland over the past year has made me realize that I am finally in the right place at the right time.

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