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Manu - Automation Engineering

Name: Manu Bose Ambat
Age: 25
Programme: MSc Programme in Machine Automation
Home country: India

Master of Science Programme in Machine Automation was the best for unifying my interest in robotics and the experience in industrial automation. TUT was the best compared with other university conducting similar studies. The study contents of TUT was multidisciplinary which helps to improve the existing knowledge and also helps to acquire new knowledge. This will helps to widen my perspective of my studies and it helps me to view pertinence of my studies. 

Highly core focused lab courses which help students to stabilize their knowledge acquired during theory sections along with the curriculum which gave importance from personal development to most advanced industrial applications. During the last summer i was able  to work as a researcher in  Fast laboratory, which made changes to the way i approached a conundrum. 

Finland was the attractive place in northern Europe ahead of all others due to the Finnish policy of welcoming internationalism.  TUT was at the foremost position for the international education in Finland. In addition to that TUT was showing a stable improvement level in world ranking scale. It is considered as a success of a university. I am convinced that the faculty and the facilities in TUT are excellent and the environment is highly conducive for education and research. TUT is best not only for improving research skills but also for ameliorating scientific writing.  

The Finland was a country with natural beauty and with live cities.  The places formulated in such a way that people feel more convenient to travel. People were honest and reliable, about the climate it was different from my home country but it was a nice experience. The culture, tradition (eg: sauna, wappu) were really nice.  The equality was visible throughout the country with a strong work culture.  Finland was an organized country with properly managed public services which ensure the safety and security of people.

TUT was a perfect option for my course, the research and the studies were really promising. TUT give more importance to student’s creativeness and promote innovative thinking.The studies were not stressful and the evaluation is completely based on our skills and talent. It was hard to find a university with a great commitment to research in natural science, engineering field with an offering of free education.

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