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Khashayar - Materials Engineering

Name: Khashayar Khanlari
Age: 25
Programme: Materials science –Metallic materials
Home country: Iran

In my dreams I always wanted to study in a first level country and highly reputed university. After finishing my bachelor in materials engineering in Iran , I felt it’s time to go to another country that can give me the opportunity to stand in the line of the modern world beside studying and broadening the knowledge . For me studying and getting my master was not the only aim but also adapting to western culture. In Iran ,  Nordic countries are famous because of having stable economy and honest people , that’s why I decided to come to Finland .Materials science programme in TUT was relevant and accordant to my background in materials science so I chose it .

For me, tranquil and peaceful environment of Finland is so valuable.  I always have enough time to concentrate on my studies in a quiet atmosphere; I think it is so important for someone who wants to study deeply to have a place without tension and noise.

All the facilities and standards that a student needs to be able to study efficiently is ready and available in TUT . I have a quiet place that I can relax and concentrate there , A good library is in the university that I enjoy studying there .lunch is always ready in the restaurants of the university so I don’t need to spend my time on cooking  . student clubs offer so many activities and fill my free time so I won’t be bored because sometimes just studying is boring .If you are interested to studying and if you are hard working student you will be encouraged by your professors , in fact in this culture the people appreciate hard working and honesty and you realize that everything is ready for you to improve in life and the people help you and they don’t stop you .

Finland and TUT gave me chance to meet different students from all over the Europe , now I have so many friends and I am familiar with different cultures and western attitude . I always dreamed to live in a place that is near lake and forest , Finland gave me this opportunity . Finland has a really magnificent nature with so many lakes and beautiful nature around you so you can enjoy it . Finns are so kind people , they should just understand that you are interested to their culture and then you will be behaved like a king . In Finland I found out the real meaning of the life and being relaxed .

Your own message to prospective students:
Learning skiing and skating makes winter so more beautiful .Just think about drinking coffee and looking to the snow from your room’s window, Life is beautiful ;-)

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