Hessam - Automation Engineering - Tampere University of Technology

Hessam - Automation Engineering

Name: Hessam                          
Age: 25
Programme: Machine Automation
Home country: Iran

TUT is one of the top technical universities in Finland and it is well-known for offering high quality of education. Hence it was one of my top options at the time of application. It provides a good balance between practical works and theoretical matters and this was a missing puzzle piece about my study in my home country. I obtained my B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. Since today engineering structures are more based on combinations of energy sources, incorporation of smart devices with traditional ones is becoming an essential part of the design process. This was an inducement for me to continue my education in the field of automation science.

There are a wide range of courses taught in English for international students and you have the freedom to make your study plan as you wish and it is not restricted to a predefined programme. Moreover you can take a number of language courses in Language Center to enhance your linguistic capabilities. During the courses some project works will be assigned to students and most of these projects are carried out within groups. This is the best part of the programme I believe because you will learn more about team work and cooperation with other team members. During your study in TUT you will have the opportunity to meet students from almost all around the world. This has made TUT an internationally recognized university. Student associations in university has been formed to hold events and to help students orientate themselves to the new environment.

The system in this programme puts more emphasis on learning process and you will find good topics for research works during the courses. In addition the university has a close collaboration with industry and there are many projects in progress in different departments.

From the beginning of your arrival and first contacts with Finns you will figure out that they are helpful people. First it may seem difficult to communicate with them as they are little bit shy but after a while they will be a good friend of yours. Here in Finland almost everyone speaks English and you will not have a serious problem for your daily communications. Although Finland is not a cheap country in Europe you will find an affordable housing during your study. Beside you will benefit of student discounts for transportation and university restaurants. Finland offers nature-lovers many different kinds of experiences. There is the clean nature, peaceful life in the countryside as well as many aspects of city culture. Arrival of the Finnish winter does not mean that life stops but on the contrary you need to learn how to enjoy it like Finns. Finland is a paradise for winter adventures. You will have unforgettable experiences.

If you are looking for an amazing and memorable experience for studying abroad, TUT undoubtedly is a remarkable place. You will have a wonderful experience of studying in an international environment and you will enjoy the Finnish culture.

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