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Andrii - Electrical Engineering

Name: Andrii Pazynych
Age: 22
Programme: Electrical Engineering, Major – Smart Grids, Minor – Switched mode converter design
Home country: Ukraine

After finishing my bachelor studies in Power Engineering I was looking for a possibility to broaden my knowledge and get a new life experience. I was particularly searching for a programme which will provide me with a significant insight of fundamental knowledge and introduce the area of energy-efficient perspective technologies. For me it was very important not to concentrate in my studies on one certain topic but instead develop myself in different directions. All of that I was able to find here as smart grid programme offers a big variety of courses offering a wide range of study areas.

I would say that one of the best features provided by TUT which is difficult to find in other universities is the freedom of studies. Except for major study block you are given an opportunity to have minor specialty which is basically another degree. For instance, while having major in smart grids you can do minor in programming or any other field, therefore making you a perspective employee for companies. TUT offers a wide range of courses conducted in English so you can always find an option which will meet your personal and professional interests. Another nice asset is that courses here are offering a lot of practical experience. In every subject you will have to do a lot of assignments and projects which in my personal opinion give much more vital knowledge then just studying for the final exam like it is done in a lot of other universities across EU. It is one of the distinctive features which a lot of students find very useful.

TUT offers an exciting opportunity of being involved in real-life projects supervised by such corporate giants as ABB, Nokia, and Intel. It is especially important for young students like me who don’t have any prior working experience. Another feature of university culture in Finland which might interest perspective students is that in most of cases students are getting funding from private companies for doing Master Thesis or research projects.

Finland is a very friendly country and people here are nice. Finns are responsive and always eager to help. Some might say that moving to another country might be difficult without knowing its culture and language but don’t worry. Finland is a developed country with one of the highest standards of living. All aspects of everyday life are designed here with an emphasis on easement. Living here is like living in an English speaking country. You will never face problems if you don’t know Finnish or Swedish.

If you want to have a change in your life, have experience of living and studying in multicultural environment, enhance your essential know-how and get to know something new then TUT is the best choice for you.

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