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Mikhail works as a project engineer

Name: Mikhail Tulin
Programme:  Business and Technology
Year of graduation: 2013
Home country: Russia

International Master’s Degree Programme in Business and Technology offers a well-balanced mix of generic business and management studies, designed specifically for those who already have a technical background. Holding a degree in applied information science I have decided to deepen my understanding of global business processes and broaden my vision of international business practices. Studies at TUT gave me a solid knowledge base conducive to my formation as a business development specialist.

Nowadays, I am working as a project engineer in a Finnish company manufacturing chemical products. Being a member of purchasing team I am responsible for both development and execution of various projects in the fields of sourcing and logistics. Company’s presence in Russia is actively growing, creating a nice application for me due to my origin, skills and knowledge. In fact, I have joined the company for my Master’s thesis project aimed at enhancing company’s Russian operations.

I would definitely recommend TUT to all the prospective students. Apart from being taught by highly qualified professionals and in excellent conditions, you are to experience amazing international atmosphere, rich student traditions and culture. My best memories of TUT student life are exactly about this great combination of very interesting studies and very entertaining student events. Finally, I believe that studying at TUT is a great opportunity to develop yourself professionally and personally.

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