Alumni - Memo is a Satellite Transmission Coordinator - Tampere University of Technology

Memo works as a satellite transmission coordinator

Name: Guillermo Rodriguez
Programme: Electrical Engineering
Year of graduation: 2010
Home country: Mexico

I belong to the 2nd generation of the Electrical Engineering program, we started in 2007. My major was Radio Frequency Electronics and I minored in Control and Automation Technology. I wrote my thesis on the design and implementation of a low cost, low powered RF transmitter for frost detection.

Currently I work as a Satellite Transmission Coordinator at SES, the leading satellite operator with a fleet of 53 telecommunications satellites around the globe.  My team is in charge of central engineering functions such as transmission analyses, link budget analysis, payload configuration, earth station validation, etc.

The solid background in RF Engineering I had was a very good asset at the moment of my application, and this together with the hands-on experience thanks to the lab work definitely gave me a competitive advantage. Additionally, the international environment of TUT gave me the opportunity to practice foreign languages and integrate easily into a multicultural environment, which was also a requirement for my position where I work and interact with both colleagues and customers from around the globe in a daily basis.

The best memory I have from my studies is the perfect study/life balance that students can achieve thanks to the uncountable offerings that TUT has for its students, whether it is modern classrooms, state-of-the-art laboratories and research centers, language courses, student associations, leisure activity clubs, etc.

I would recomment TUT to prospective students because of the high quality of education in Finland, because of its highly enjoyable student life and because the great life that Tampere as a city can overall offer to its inhabitants.

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