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Chris started his own company

Name: Christoph Thür
Programme: Business and Technology
Year of graduation: 2013
Home country: Switzerland

I studied first in the Physics department (lasers, optics, semiconductor), and later changed my Major to industrial management. Despite the required courses I studied several extra courses about Future studies, and I took every Finnish language course there was!



I am the Co-founder and CEO of the Finnish start-up company Ovelin. We make guitar learning games (GuitarBots, WildChords, GuitarTuna the most popular guitar tuner app on Android and iOS), and the company was chosen as the Hottest Startup in Finland 2012 (WIRED magazine).

The combination of my technical background and the gained business studies enabled me to take this role as co-founder. I need to be able understand the technical side of the product, while at the same time building a business model that allows Ovelin to be financially successful.

The best memory from your studies is the trip with the International student club INTO to Russia - INTOrnado

Studying at TUT gives you all the advantages of studying at a major and versatile University. At the same time, because of the small group of students, the experience was extremely personalized. I was able to work on projects of my own interests with amazing support from the lecturers and Professors (In my case, renewable energy in cooperation with WinWinD, and  my thesis about my own company Ovelin). Last but not least, living in the beautiful city of Tampere was an amazing experience.

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