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Bobin enjoyed learn-by-doing teaching

Name: Bobin George Abraham                
Programme:  Masters in Science and Bioengineering (major: Biotechnology)
Year of graduation: 2009
Home country: India          

I joined the Masters programme at TUT in Science and Bioengineering. The program focuses on Environmental biotechnology which is a subject of current relevance. The study programme at TUT is extremely flexible with a dynamic curriculum.  Coming from a Biotechnology background, I found the program intellectually challenging with a variety of courses.   

I am in the last phase of my PhD. The Finnish doctoral study involves novel research topics, high technical standards and publications in high quality journals. The doctoral studies provide you the academic freedom to plan and execute your own research ideas which is rare in most of the other institutes.

The Master’s degree programme followed a “Learn by doing” approach which motivated me to continue as a researcher. I was fortunate to get an opportunity to do my doctoral studies in the same department at TUT.  Considering the laboratory facilities, collaborations and cutting edge research topics, I didn’t have to think twice to take up the challenge.

Finland offers new and exciting activities for people of every taste. With many Finnish and international students as friends, I was able to blend into the world of Sauna, Orienteering, Swimming in the cold lakes...etc. How could I forget Wappu? Finns are very polite and welcoming people. After living in Finland for over 5 years, Finland is my second home now.

TUT offers flexible study plans with the opportunity to be part of latest and best research in the field. The high quality and affordable education at TUT will equip all the students to face the real world challenges and make you a professional.

Furthermore, Tampere is a modern city which hosts many leading multi-national companies yet close to the nature. With lot of lakes, Forests and lively people, it is a very safe city and the place to be!

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