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Ayat is studying toward doctoral degree

Name: Ayat Soltani

Programme:  Material Science

Year of graduation: 2013

Home country: Iran

I had in depth studies of mechanical behavior of the materials as a bigpart of my major. This comprised a bulk of my studies complemented by different methods of analyzing of material structure. I also took some courses covering Nano-structures, surface treatment and thermal analyzing of materials.

Right now I am working as a researcher at Tampere University and studying for my Ph.D. The comprehensive courses I took are really helping me during my current research.  With these studies I had quite comprehensive knowledge of requirement of the project I am currently involved in.

After about a year of hard work, intense studying and A LOTS of writing and re-writing, I finally gave my thesis to be printed, and just in time to finish my studies and degree by August 2013. Thus keeping the promise I made to myself that I would finish my degree in exactly 2 years.

Apart from having a pretty good staff and well equipped facilities, I really think that in this university, those who are willing to study hard and focus on their courses will see the fruits of their labor. I did experience this for myself and count myself lucky I got accepted in this university.

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