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Tampere3 cross-institutional studies

Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Tampere University of Technology and the University of Tampere (Tampere3) will form a joint higher education institution (HEI) in 2019. Closer cooperation is already pursued by offering the degree students of all these three HEIs the opportunity to apply for certain studies at the other Tampere3 institutions.

The Tampere3 cross-institutional study service allows you to examine the study offerings. They will always remain valid for one academic year at a time. By registering to the service, you can apply for studies at the other Tampere3 HEIs, provided that you have enrolled as an attending degree student at your home institution. Apply for the studies well in advance to sign-up for the courses and exams during the sign-up period.

Read the instructions carefully through before submitting your application for Tampere3 studies. Instructions for students of TAMK and UTA can be found from an own page.


TUT students seeking studies at UTA and TAMK

Study planning

Explore and apply for the joint study offerings of the Tampere3 higher education institutions in the cross-institutional study service.

The studies must be included in the degree pursued at TUT. Plan your studies in the PSP (Personal Study Plan) tool and consult the academic officer of your degree programme to make sure that you can include the studies in your degree. Your remaining time-to-degree must be at least as long as the time required to complete the Tampere3 studies.

How to apply

In order to complete studies at Tampere University of Applied Studies or the University of Tampere, you must apply for the right to study for the courses you wish to complete. You must submit the application in the cross-institutional study service. You must apply for the right to study in the service well in advance to allow sufficient time for signing up for courses according to the schedules and instructions of each individual institution. Please note that you do not need to apply for the right to study through the cross-institutional study service if your own degree entitles you to the concerned courses at the other HEIs. These instructions apply to, for example, students studying towards a degree programme in biotechnology and those majoring in User experience in the Information Technology degree programme, who are entitled to take studies at the University of Tampere. If you feel unsure about the rights to study gained at other HEIs through your own degree programme, check with your own unit.

To apply for studies offered by the University of Tampere but not included in the Tampere3 offerings, apply for the Flexible Study Right (JOO studies) in the Joopas Application system.

Course completion

You must activate your user account for the other higher education institution according to the instructions provided. After this, sign up for courses and follow up on your admittance.

The right to study will remain valid until the end of the academic year (31 July). If you do not complete your Tampere3 studies during the academic year but you still wish to carry them through, reapply for the right to study for the following year in the service.

After course completion

Once you have completed studies at another Tampere3 institution, information on the study attainments is automatically transferred to TUT. After this, you must also ensure that the credits are included in your degree.

In all study-related matters, you can contact TUT's Student Affairs Office or the academic officer of your degree programme.



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