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Checklist for new Master's degree students

Welcome to TUT!

Your studies at TUT start with the Orientation Week and Introduction to Graduate Studies. The Orientation Week for new international students is organised on 21-25 August 2017. A preliminary schedule of the Orientation Week is now available! Please notice that taking part in the Orientation Week and the Introduction to Graduate Studies course is compulsory for all new students. During the Orientation Week you will, e.g., register as a student, sign up for courses, and meet the representatives of your MSc programme and your fellow students. Starting your studies without attending the Orientation Week requires a lot of initiative on your part and can be quite challenging.


Admission results and accepting the offer of admission

All applicants have been informed of the admissions decisions by email.

To accept your place in the programme, you must accept the Offer of Admission by 15:00 on 15 May 2017 at the latest. Otherwise, you will forfeit your place in the programme. You will receive the necessary forms and information together with the letter of acceptance.

You can leave the following sections on the form blank:

- Student number
- Address during semester (you can inform TUT of your address in Finland during the orientation period)



Accepting the scholarship offer


If you have been awarded a scholarship, you must accept the scholarship by 11 April 2017. If you do not accept the scholarship by the given deadline, you will be charged the full tuition fee. You will receive the necessary forms and information together with the letter of acceptance.

Waiting list for scholarships
If you have applied for a scholarship, you have been placed on a waiting list for a scholarship. The students who have been offered a tuition fee waiver must accept their scholarships by 11 April 2017. Any scholarships which are not accepted will be offered to students on the waiting list in the order in which they have been placed in the admissions process. You will be notified by email 12 April 2017 if you are offered a tuition fee waiver from the waiting list.



Registration deadline

If you wish to start your studies in the degree programme during the academic year 2017-2018 you will need to register as a student at the Admissions Office in person by 6 September 2017 at the very latest. It is not possible to arrive after the enrolment deadline. 

You are required to confirm your study place and to register as attending during the first academic year of your studies. Non-attendance during the first year of studies is only possible if it results from documented maternal leave, long-term illness or compulsory Finnish military service. Non-attendance during the first year of studies will always cover the whole academic year. You must be prepared to prove non-attendance resulting from any of the three reasons mentioned above. In these cases, please contact the TUT Admissions Office for further instructions:

If you are unable to start your studies in the first study year and your non-attendance results from some other reason than the ones listed above, you will lose your right to study. However, if you have confirmed your study place, the right to study can be regained by applying for re-enrolment.

At registration you will need to have with you:
- Your passport and your residence permit card
- Your receipt of payment of the Student Union membership fee
- Your address in Tampere
- Original degree certificate (all students). Spring 2017 graduates only!: Transcript of records and English translations of degree certificate and transcript of records.

Please note that you cannot be registered as a student unless you present your valid passport at the registration!

Fee-paying students are only able to enrol as a student once they have paid the tuition fee.

We would like to invite you to listen to our Registration Information Webinar for new degree students. You can enter the session here:   


Apply for residence permit if necessary

Information on residence permits for degree students (Finnish Immigration Service)

Students from the Nordic and EU/EEA countries

No residence permit is needed to enter Finland. However, we recommend that you take your passport with you, as you may want to visit, for example, Russia during your stay in Finland.

Students from non-EU countries

A residence permit is mandatory unless Finland and your country have agreed otherwise. Apply for a residence permit at the nearest Finnish embassy or consulate well in advance before leaving for Finland. The entire residence permit application process may take anything from three weeks to three months and the academic year at TUT begins in late August.

Please note that the reason for entry (studies) must be stated clearly in the residence application form. You need to demonstate that you have EUR 6,720 to support yourself for one academic year and an appropriate health insurance policy. Please make sure that your health insurance is valid for the whole duration of your stay.

You will need to attach the letter of acceptance you have received from TUT to your residence permit application. If you have been awarded a TUT scholarship, you also need attach the scholarship offer to your residence permit application.

For more information on residence permits, please visit the Finnish Immigration Service website.


Reserve accommodation

Students must make their own housing arrangements. It is highly recommended to start organising accommodation as soon as you receive the letter of acceptance. Especially students arriving from outside of Finland should be prepared to spend some time at a youth hostel or hotel before getting an apartment.

The main provider of student housing in Tampere is the Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) that maintains and rents out student accommodation. For international students, TOAS offers the possibility of renting a furnished room in an apartment building near TUT. The application period for international applicants to the furnished housing is usually 15 May – 30 June. There is a fixed number of rooms available in the quota of furnished rooms so it is recommended to make the application as early as possible. It is also possible for an international student to apply for housing which is not furnished. With this application, there are more options for buildings available. However, the same application is used by all Finnish students and all applications are in the same waiting list which can be quite long especially at the start of the academic year. Once letters of acceptance to the different institutions for higher education are delivered, TOAS housing typically starts to fill up quickly so in order to secure housing, it is advisable to make the application as early as possible. For more information on TOAS accommodation, please see the TOAS website.

There are also other housing possibilities available. Opiskelijan Tampere offers furnished housing for international students for the autumn semester and also maintains a listing of privately offered housing (both for Finnish and international students). Other providers include for example Opintanner, VVO and VTS-Kodit (some websites only available in Finnish.)

Information on housing, including emergency housing at the start of the autumn semester, is also available at Housing in Tampere.



Health insurance

Read about insurance and health on the Study in Finland website

Please note that for students who are non EU/EEA nationals health insurance is obligatory when applying for a residence permit to Finland. The Marsh SIP insurance (SIP intergral) has been pre-approved by the Finnish Immigration Service. More information is available on the Finnish immigration service website.


Financial arrangements

Students need to confirm when applying for the residence permit to Finland that they have approx. EUR 6,720/year to cover living expenses. Please remember that you must be able to finance your studies and living expenses yourself or have a scholarship for this. Please contact the educational authorities in your home country to enquire about the availability of financial aid for studies.

Tuition fees

All Finnish universities charge tuition fees from non-EU and non-EEA students studying in degree programmes in English from 1 August 2017 onwards. A fee-paying student is only able to enrol as a student once s/he has paid the tuition fee. At Tampere University of Technology, the amount of tuition fees from 1 August 2017 onwards is 12 000 € per academic year for all Master’s level programmes offered in English. Fee-paying students will receive further instruction on paying the fee together with the letter of acceptance.

More information on the tuition fees and scholarships

Original bachelor's degree certificates

You need present your original Bachelor’s degree certificate when registering at TUT. Thus, please remember to take the original documents with you to Finland.

If you have graduated during the spring 2017 you will also need to present your Transcript of Records and the official English translation of the degree certificate and transcript of records.

Study guide

In the study guide you will find the degree requirements, study modules and course descriptions.

Study guide for the academic year 2017-2018

Student tutors

Your student tutor will contact you before you arrive. Student tutors are active students from TUT who are prepared to help you in their free time.

Please contact your student tutor as early as possible by email and let him/her know when you will be arriving. You need to make your own travel arrangements to the TOAS Housing Office and your flat but some tutors may be able to meet you upon arrival. You should tell your tutor your exact arrival details and then you can agree where to meet. Your tutor can meet you at the airport, train station, bus station in Tampere or at your flat in Hervanta. If you arrive outside TOAS office hours, your tutor may be able to pick up your key to your flat. Please contact the academic officer of the degree programme if you don’t receive e-mail from your tutor.

Student Union

All students studying at Tampere University of Technology pay the annual membership fee (112 euros in the academic year  2017-18) and are members of the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology.

More information on the Student Union.

Facebook group for degree students

We have created a Facebook group for TUT degree students and an invitation to join the group will be sent to you by email. The group is only for casual discussions with your fellow students and student tutors. All official formalities concerning your admission are handled by the Admissions Office of TUT via the e-mail

Contacting TUT during the summer

Please notice that the month of July is the main vacation month in Finland, including TUT. If you need to contact us during July, please understand that most probably you will need to wait for an answer for some time.

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