Next stop TUT - Tampere University of Technology

Next stop TUT

Congratulations on choosing Tampere University of Technology! We are happy to welcome you, our new international talent, to contribute to the study environment of TUT!

When starting studies at TUT there are many things to take care of before arrival, upon arrival and after arrival. In these pages you can find information on what needs to be arranged when starting your studies in Finland. We will also be happy to help you if you have any questions.

Checklists for new international students:


We think that you are about to move to one of the greatest regions in Finland. We are sorry to say that you won’t find any polar bears or penguins here (or anywhere else in Finland) but we assure you that you will find some really nice people, lakes that are so pure that you can virtually drink straight from them and a modern, functioning society. You can find more information on Tampere region on the page Destination Tampere.


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