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Checklist for new exchange students

Welcome Week

Your exchange studies at TUT start with the Welcome Week. Welcome Week in autumn 2018 is organised on 20-24 August. During the Welcome Week you will, e.g., register as a student, get detailed and practical information concerning your studies at TUT and sign up for courses. You will also meet your fellow students and learn to navigate around the campus area. Detailed programme of the Welcome Week will be updated here in August.


Registration letter

Registration letters will be sent to accepted student by email in July. Accepted students will also receive a link to Registration Information Webinar for new exchange students.



Students are responsible for making their own housing arrangements.

Student housing in the Tampere area is mainly administrated by Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS) that maintains and rents out student accommodation. Application period for TOAS housing has started 2 May. For more information and the application form, go to the TOAS website.

In addition to TOAS housing, students can apply for accommodation from Opiskelijan Tampere association.  Opiskelijan Tampere is a non-profit organization providing housing service for students. The housing service is divided in two sections: basic free housing service where any student can search for an apartment from private markets and INT housing program that is specially made for exchange students who need furnished accommodation for autumn semester. Application form for INT housing programme opened 15 May.

There are also other housing possibilities available. Please read more on Housing in Tampere page.


Residence permit

Students from the Nordic and EU/EEA countries

You don't need a residence permit to enter Finland. However, it is recommended to take your passport with you, as you may want to visit, for example, Estonia or Russia during your stay in Finland.

Please note that you are not eligible to study in Finland with other EU country's residence permit even though you are allowed to enter Finland.

Students from non-EU countries

Residence permit is mandatory unless Finland and your country have agreed otherwise. Apply for a residence permit  well in advance before leaving for Finland. The application can be submitted electronically. The entire residence permit application process may take anything from three weeks to three months and the academic year at TUT begins in late August. TUT cannot expedite the residence permit process.

Please note that the reason for entry (studies) must be stated clearly in the residence application form. You need to demonstrate that you have EUR 560 a month or EUR 6,720 for one academic year and an appropriate health insurance policy. Please make sure that your health insurance is valid for the whole duration of your stay.

For more information on residence permits, please visit the Finnish Immigration Service's website.


Compulsory health insurance

Citizens of EU/EEA countries and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

Students from EU/EEA countries and the countries mentioned above are entitled to necessary health care from the public systems in any EU/EEA country, if they become ill or injured while temporary staying in such a country.  They only need to obtain the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the social security authorities in their home country. Holders of EHIC cards are entitled to the same benefits provided by the Social Insurance Institution of Finland.

Citizens from non-EU/EEA countries

Health insurance is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a residence permit for non-EU/EEA citizens for studies lasting more than three months. This means that you must be covered when applying for a residence permit. This requirement applies to both degree students and exchange students.

The type of the insurance you need depends on duration of your studies in Finland:

For studies lasting less than two years (primarily exchange students), you must have private health insurance that covers costs of at least EUR 100,000 for medical treatment.

If the duration of your studies is two years or more (including master's students), it is sufficient for the insurance to primarily cover the cost of medicines (in practice the cover extends to doctor's fees and costs of treatment and examination), or at least EUR 30,000 (this is because you have the right to a "municipality of residence" in Finland and are therefore entitled to local health care services).

Finland has health care agreements with some countries. Please contact the social insurance authorities in your home country for further information.


Student tutors

Your student tutor will contact you before you arrive. Student tutors are active students from TUT who are prepared to help you in their free time. Your tutors will assist you with registration and getting to know TUT, but are also able to help in starting your everyday life in TUT and Hervanta.

You need to make your own travel arrangements to your flat but your tutors may also be able to meet you upon arrival. You should tell your tutor your exact arrival details and then you can agree where to meet. Your tutor can meet you at the train station, bus station or at your flat in Hervanta. If you arrive for example outside TOAS office hours, your tutor may be able to pick up your key to your flat. Please contact if you don’t receive e-mail from your tutor by the beginning of August.


Student Union and student card

All students studying at Tampere University of Technology pay the annual membership fee (112,5 € for whole academic year and 56,25€ per semester in AY 2018-19) and are members of the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology. You will receive personal payment instructions by email in the end of July. After you have paid the student union fee and registered as a student at TUT you can order your student card from the student union website. The student union has provided a leaflet with information on the student union, their services and teekkari life in general. Check out Welcome to TUT magazine!

Tampere regional transport

You can pay for a single ticket in cash when boarding the bus, but it is cheaper to obtain a travel card from Tampere regional transport office.You can obtain your travel card at Frenckell Service Point in Frenckellinaukio 2B, near the Central Square of Tampere. Students under 25 years of age can obtain a young persons travel card (same price as student ticket), but exchange students over 25 cannot unfortunately get any discount. The student travel card is only for degree students. You will need to show your ID in order to prove your age, if you are eligible for young persons travel card.

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