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Exchange studies


If you would like to study at the Tampere University of Technology (TUT) for an academic term or year and then transfer your credits to your home university, you can apply for exchange student status. The exchange students do not pay any tuition fee for their studies.

TUT offers exchange students a wide variety of courses in English and it is one of the most international universities in Finland with more than 400 exchange students and 400 degree students from over 60 different countries. Exchange students especially praise the possibility to choose courses from all departments which enables them to build up intresting and versatile study plan.

TUT campus comprises six buildings with excellent services and facilities for all students. The campus is home to three student restaurants and four cafes that offer student discounts, an extensive library, a sports hall and a student health centre. TUT has a bustling campus life with more than 100 different student and sport associations. There's also a club especially intended for international students called ENS INTO. ESN INTO organises various happenings to international and domestic students and its purpose is to bring iternational and Finns together. Trips to Lappland, Russia and other places are also organised by ESN INTO.

There is also exchange opportunity at the TUT Pori Department. TUT Pori Department operates under the University Consortium of Pori (UCPori) to which also Aalto University, University of Tampere and University of Turku belong. The exchange students admitted to TUT Pori Unit can select courses from all the four different universities operating at UCPori. The course offering in English comprises four thematic modules: Industrial Engineering and Management, Business and Entrepreneurship, Game Design and Culture as well as Information Technology. However, Pori is situated approximately 140 km from Tampere and therefore the students cannot attend lectures at the Tampere main campus. Please check the web pages for detailed information concerning TUT Pori Unit and the course offering.

Applying to TUT page contains more information about the application periods and procedure for exchange students.

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