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Choose to study in the dynamic and attractive city of Tampere, one of the fastest growing cities in Finland. Embrace our high quality university teaching and research community and enjoy the vibrant student life, cultural events and welcoming atmosphere of Tampere.

The University’s research and teaching focus on four areas: the digital operating environment, energy- and eco-efficiency, health technology and light-based technologies. TUT offers its students an opportunity for a broad, cross-disciplinary education which encourages innovative thinking by employing a variety of teaching methods. TUT provides a comfortable study environment and a number of free-of-charge services that support studies and make everyday life easier for students. The university collaborates with 230 universities around the world and every year about 100 international degree students and over 400 exchange students start their studies at TUT.

From the beginning of 2019, the University of Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and Tampere University of Applied Sciences will form a new multidisciplinary community in higher education with competitive edges in technology, health and society. More information is available on the Tampere University webpage.

Exchange studies at TUT

TUT offers exchange students a wide variety of courses in English. Exchange students especially praise the possibility to choose courses from all faculties which enables them to build up intresting and versatile study plan.

TUT campus comprises seven buildings with excellent services and facilities for all students. The campus is home to three student restaurants and four cafes that offer student discounts, an extensive library, a sports hall and a student health centre. TUT has a bustling campus life with more than 100 different student and sport associations. There's also a club especially intended for international students called ENS INTO. ESN INTO organises various happenings to international and domestic students and its purpose is to bring international and Finns together. Trips to Lappland, Russia and other places are also organised by ESN INTO.

Tampere - the student friendliest city in Finland

Finland has been ranked by Newsweek as the "World’s Best Country" with special strengths in quality of life and education. Finland also has one of the highest levels of gender equality and is well known for its nature and eco-friendly culture. Moreover, Tampere has year after year been rated in various surveys as Finland´s most popular place to live and study.

Tampere is a city of four institutions of higher education with altogether more than 40 000 students. In a city of 220 000 inhabitants, that is a lot! This is visible in good student housing facilities, a plethora of student events, and discounts for students in shops and services around the city. Tampere University of Technology is located in the suburb of Hervanta where everything a student may need is available right next door but the city centre is only a short bus ride away. TUT’s compact yet comfortable campus area provides excellent facilities for work and studies as well as leisure activities.


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