Admission process - Tampere University of Technology

Doctoral Programme in Engineering Sciences, TTITO

1. Contact a professor, an associate professor (tenure track) or an adjunct professor who is based at TUT and specializes in your field of research to enquire about the possibility of supervision (research topic, content, funding, etc.)
2. Submit the application form and the required enclosures (A-D/I)


A. Application
Please note that your major subject is determined based on your supervisor and must be one of the following:

  1. Automation science and engineering
  2. Mechanical and production engineering
  3. Materials science and engineering


B. Statement by the supervisor of your doctoral studies, approximately 1 A4 sheet (ask your supervisor to prepare the statement and enclose it with your application)

C. Study plan, max. 1 A4 sheet

The minimum extent of common studies is 40 credits. The studies towards a doctoral degree consist of major subject studies and general scientific studies. Students are required to complete at least 25 credits of major subject studies and at least 5 credits of general scientific studies.  Remaining 10 credits are set to either of the blocks (major subject/general scientific studies) based on their content.
See the courses  that are counted towards a doctoral degree at Tampere University of Technology.
The required general scientific studies include the course TTI-90006 Orientation to Doctoral Studies (3 credits)

The study plan must be signed by the applicant and the supervisor of his/her doctoral studies.

D. Research plan, max. 1 A4 sheet

The research plan outlines the overall objectives, background and schedule of your research project and, if applicable, the expected publication forums. The research plan must be signed by the applicant and the supervisor of his/her doctoral studies.


E. Copy of your MSc/BSc degree certificates and it’s/their English translations

F. Official transcripts of all university records and their English translations

The documents (E-F) need to be translated either by the university or an official translator and authenticated.

G. Copy of your international passport

H. Certificate of English language proficiency

I. Diploma Supplement

The successful completion of the doctoral programme requires commitment and perseverance. Take a moment to consider whether you are prepared to work towards a doctorate for the next four years.

3. Bring or mail the application documents to the coordinator of the doctoral programme (printed and signed)  to the following address:

Tampere University of Technology 
Faculty of Engineering Sciences
Academic Coordinator Anna Nykänen
Mailing address: PO Box 589, FI-33101 Tampere, Finland/
Visiting address: Korkeakoulunkatu 6, FI-33720 Tampere, Finland (Konetalo building, room K2246A)

We accept applications to the Doctoral Programme in Engineering Sciences all year round. Applications are reviewed by the Doctoral Programme Committee. The final decision to admit applicants to the programme is made by the President of the University.

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