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Doctoral Program in Engineering and Natural Sciences

Application process

To apply for admission to the Doctoral Program in Engineering and Natural Sciences the applicant should first discuss with a potential supervisor at TUT who represents applicant's area of research. When contacting a professor, associate professor or adjunct professor, please include your CV, and some information about your master's degree and planned research. In order to apply for admission to Doctoral Program the applicant needs to have a research plan approved by one of our supervisors who can also act his/her supervisor during the postgraduate studies.

There are no specific application period for doctoral studies. Applications are processed by Faculty in its regular meetings every month apart from July. The applications with required appendices must be submitted to the Faculty Office by post or personally to the following addresses. Please note that applications submitted by email are not accepted.

Tampere University of Technology
Faculty of Natural Sciences
P.O.Box 692, FI-33101 Tampere, Finland

Tampere University of Technology
Faculty of Natural Sciences
Korkeakoulunkatu 3, FI-33720 Tampere, Finland

To apply for admission to the Doctoral Program please submit the application form and following appendices:


The process for applying as a postgraduate student begins with a discussion on your topic, possible supervisor and your chances of completing the doctoral studies in the normative time-to-degree (four years studying full time) with a potential responsible professor. In case an appropriate supervisor is found, the students fills in an application, prepares a research plan and a postgraduate study plan with related schedules, asks the supervisor for a statement and the head of department for an endorsement and encloses any other required appendices. The student submits his/her application for postgraduate studies, signed both by the applicant and the supervisor and enclosed with the relevant appendices, to an academic officer for doctoral programme at the faculty.


1. Application form signed by the applicant and the supervisor and instructor(s)

The programme supports that every PhD student has the supervisor and at least one instructor.


2. Research plan, 2-3 page, includes the following sections and is confirmed and signed by the supervisor

1. Heading
2. Abstract (max. 150 words)
3. Introduction and theoretical framework
4. Research objectives and expected results
5. Research methods
6. Research environment (research group and supervisor/supervisors) and
    collaboration partners (e.g. companies and other higher education institutions)
7. Internationality (e.g. interntional partners) and concrete plan for internationalization (e.g.
    planned period of research exchange)
8. Research schedule (detailed schedule that covers four years)
9. Career plans after PhD degree: Why do you want to pursue a doctorate?
10. Bibliography

3. Scheduled study plan for postgraduate studies

Information about courses can be found from the course catalogue. Please notice that all courses need to be suitable for post-graduate studies. This information is usually given in the course description in part "Additional information".

Postgraduate studies shall comprise major subject studies and general scientific studies. The minimum scope of major subject studies shall be 25 credits and that of general scientific studies 5 credits. The total scope of postgraduate studies shall be no less than 40 credits.

The course LTT-90006 Orientation to Doctoral Studies, 3 cr is compulsory and it is a part of general scientific studies.

Guidelines for post graduate education in the faculty

4. Statement by the supervisor

The supervisor’s statement must include assessments of the Applicant’s knowledge and skills to do a post graduate degree, scientific quality, relevance and realism of the postgraduate study plan, along with the availability of competent instruction and the planned funding.

The template for the supervisor's statement

By signing the student’s application for postgraduate studies and the statement, the supervisor commits him-/herself to supervising the student’s postgraduate studies and reserving sufficient resources for study instruction.


5. Copy of your MSc+BSc degree certificates including transcripts of all university records and their English translations

Applicants whose degrees have been awarded in certain countries need to pay special attention to the documentation before submitting it. In addition to the standard document requirements, educational documents from certain countries must be submitted in a particular way. Please read following country specific requirements

6. Preliminary financial plan

7. Certificate of proficiency in the English language for students whose first language is not Finnish or English

8. Curriculum Vitae

Non-finnish applicants should also include

  • Copy of international passport

All copies and translations must be officially certified with the exception of documents issued by TUT.

Please note that there is no funding connected with being accepted to the Doctoral Program.

Language requirements

All the applicants whose native language is not English or Finnish must take an official language test. One of the following language tests is required: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, Cambridge Language Certificate (Proficiency CPE or Advanced CAE). Please visit the Language Requirements page for more information.

The score reports can be sent to TUT from the testing centre. The TOEFL code of Tampere University of Technology is 0599. TUT has no institutional code for other language tests.

Applicants are required to attach the official language test report to their application, with the exception of the IELTS language test in which case a copy of the results is accepted.


Student selection criterias

The Doctoral Programme in Engineering and Natural Sciences assess all applicants based on following criterias:

  • The research plan’s scientific quality, relevance and realism
  • Suitability of MSc degree and research topic for doctoral studies
  • Availability of qualified supervision
  • Applicant’s knowledge and skills, the sufficient grade of MSc thesis and the required language skills
  • Endorsement of the supervisor
  • Under the guidance of the supervisor may be approx. five Doctoral Program students


The Faculty supports the application of postgraduate studies to the President of TUT who decides on granting the study right.

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