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Doctoral Programme in Business and Technology Management

Applications for Doctoral Programme in Business and Technology Management are submitted to the Faculty Office of Business and Built Environment. The programme accepts new doctoral students twice a year. 

In order to apply to the doctoral programme, the applicant has to

  • Choose a research field of your doctoral studies and find a supervisor
  • Submit the application form and all required appendices

Application Process

A. Find a supervisor

To apply for admission to the doctoral programme the candidate first contacts a potential supervisor (a TUT professor, Associate professor (tenure track) or adjunct professor of his/her specific research area).

Please, find a list of potential supervsiors including contact information on the Focus Areas page.

In order to be able to hand in the application the candidate needs to have your his/her research plan approved by one of our professors, who would also have to agree to act as the candidate's supervisor during your studies. The professor responsible for the discipline in question discusses the study-related plans with the candidate and determines whether the candidate has sufficient, relevant basic knowledge of the field of research. If necessary, the professor can set certain additional prerequisites for doctoral studies. Based on this overall estimation, the professor grants or declines support to the application. Please note that the professor's support does not guarantee admission!
When contacting one of our professors, please include some information about your planned research, information about your master's degree and a cv.

Please note that there is no funding connected with being accepted to the programme.

B. Prepare application with the help of supervisor

To apply to the doctoral programme please hand in:

Application form, signed by the applicant and the supervisor (and possible additional instructors)

and the required enclosures

  • a study plan for postgraduate studies at TUT
    The study plan consists of 40 credits, of which major studies 25-35 credits and general scientific studies 5-15 credits. For more information please see the Guidelines for doctoral studies.
    The following courses are included in the general scientific studies:
    • TRT-28004 Doctoral Seminar in Management of Business Information, Knowledge and Industrial Management (5 cr) or alternatively TRT-90006 Orientation to doctoral studies (3 cr)
    • TRT-28036 Doctoral Course on Organization Theory (5 op)
    • TRT-28046 Doctoral Course on Research Methods (5 op)
  • Research plan for postgraduate studies at TUT
  • a free form statement by the supervisor of your studies
  • a copy of your MSc/BSc degree certificates incl transcripts of all university records and its/their English translations (if the original documents are in a language other than Finnish or English)
  • Educational documents from certain countries must be submitted in a particular way. Please read the country specific requirements.
  • a Diploma Supplement (DS) as approved by the EU Commission for degrees completed in European universities (when applicable)
  • a certificate of proficiency in the English language for students whose first language is not English or Finnish (More information below)
  • a preliminary plan for financing your studies
  • (any other material complementing the application)


Non-Finnish applicants please include

  • a copy of your international passport
  • a curriculum vitae

Language requirements

International students applying for the doctoral programme must demonstrate their proficiency in the English language with an internationally recognised academic language test report . TUT has the same gereral language requirements for all the doctoral programmes, and they are described on the Language Requirements page. The acceptable tests and their minimum scores for the doctoral programmes are:

Submitting the application

The programme processes applications twice a year. The deadlines for applications are 15 April and 15 October. If the deadline is on weekend/holiday, we should receive the application latest on the first possible workday following the official deadline.

Applications are handed in to the faculty’s study services assistant or directly to the academic officer of doctoral studies. All parts of the application must be handed in at the same time. If supplementary material needs to be provided, this may affect the processing time. Applications must be submitted by regular mail or personally. Incomplete applications or applications sent by email will not be processed.

Documents must be submitted in English or Finnish. All copies and translations must be officially certified with the exeption of documents issued by TUT.

Admission and selection criteria

All applications are handled by the doctoral programme's steering committee. The steering committee assesses all applicants based on the following criteria:

  • The research plan’s scientific quality, relevance and realism
  • Suitability of MSc degree and research topic for doctoral studies
  • Availability of qualified supervision
  • The applicant’s knowledge and skills, the sufficient grade of MSc thesis and the required language skills
  • Supporting statement of the supervisor

Applications supported by the steering committee will be presented to TUT's president for approval. Applicants will be informed of the decisions via email.

Contact information

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