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Admission to the Doctoral Programme in BMSE

In order to apply to the doctoral programme, the applicant has to

Application form and required appendices

Application form


  • Research plan
  • Preliminary study plan
    The studies of postgraduate degrees must total at least 40 credits, including the major subject (at least 25 credits), and general scientific studies (at least 5 credits). The course BMT-90006 Orientation to Doctoral Studies (3 credits) has to be included in the general scientific studies. Information about courses can be found in the course catalogue. Please note that all courses need to be suitable for post-graduate studies. This information is usually given in the course description in part "Additional information".
  • Supporting statement by the supervisor
  • Thesis follow-up group (form, incl. information) consent form for additional members
  • Certified copies of the bachelor’s and master’s degree certificates and the transcripts with official translations into English or Finnish (if the original documents are in a language other than Finnish or English)
    Educational documents from certain countries must be submitted in a particular way. Please read the country specific requirements.
  • A Diploma Supplement (DS) as approved by the EU Commission for degrees completed in European universities (when applicable)
  • Statement of special reasons for aiming at the degree of Ph.D. or Lic. of Technology (when applicable)
  • Other material complementing the application (when applicable)

 Non-Finnish citizens must additionally include:

  • Official certificate of sufficient language skills in Finnish or English.
  • Passport copy

Language requirements

International students applying for the doctoral programme must demonstrate their proficiency in the English language with an internationally recognised academic language test report . TUT has the same gereral language requirements for all the doctoral programmes, and they are described on the Language Requirements page. The acceptable tests and their minimum scores for the doctoral programmes are:

Submitting the application

Applications are handled by the doctoral programme’s steering committee once a month apart from July. The deadline for each meeting is equivalent with the Faculty Council’s deadlines (link) for postgraduate matters.

Applications are handed in to the faculty’s study services assistant. All parts of the application must be handed in at the same time. If supplementary material needs to be provided, this may affect the processing time. Applications must be submitted by mail or personally. Incomplete applications or applications sent by email will not be processed.

Admission and selection criteria

The Doctoral Programme in Biomedical Sciences and Engineering assesses all applicants based on the following criteria:

  • The research plan’s scientific quality, relevance and realism
  • Suitability of MSc degree and research topic for doctoral studies
  • Availability of qualified supervision
  • The applicant’s knowledge and skills, the sufficient grade of MSc thesis and the required language skills
  • Supporting statement of the supervisor
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