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Housing in Tampere

Housing in Finland is of high quality. All the houses have central heating and inside temperatures remains comfortably at +20°C even when it is minus 20°C outside. Triple windows and heavy doors ensure that heat is retained inside.

Student housing in Tampere is administrated by the student housing foundation TOAS (Tampereen opiskelija-asuntosäätiö). TOAS offers high-quality dorm rooms at a student-friendly price. The flats are mainly situated within a walking distance from the University.

Students normally have their own bedroom and they share a kitchen and a bathroom with one or two other students. In most of the TOAS houses there is a common sauna and a meeting room which you can rent for your own events.

In addition to TOAS housing, students can apply for accommodation from Opiskelijan Tampere association.  Opiskelijan Tampere is a non-profit organization providing housing service for students. The housing service is divided in two sections: basic free housing service where any student can search for an apartment from private markets and INT housing program that is specially made for international students who need furnished accommodation for autumn semester.

In the beginning of the academic year,  Opiskelijan Tampere also offers temporary accommodation for students who have not secured accommodation before arriving to Tampere or whose lease starts after arrival.

Students may also look for housing on the private market. The private market offers a wide range of different housing opportunities. You may find a flat with your own sauna, a studio flat or a large flat to share with your friends. There are also different agencies that help you find a flat. It is also wise to check other housing companies in case they have anything to offer. Flats on the private market are usually rented unfurnished. Links related to housing.

Rents vary from 250 to up to 700 euros (or even more) per month depending on the size and condition of your flat. All flats are well heated in the winter time and equipped with an oven, fridge and freezer.

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