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Hervanta campus

Tampere University of Technology offers a unique campus area in Hervanta suburb. All university buildings are close to each other making it easy and quick to move from one class to another.

The university campus area consists of six teaching and research buildings and a sports hall. The varying four seasons may surprise you in Finland - but not inside this compact campus. All of the buildings are linked to each other with indoor corridors making the campus easy to move around and accessible for all students. It's easy to take a campus tour staying completely indoors. However, during the warm summer days the most popular studying place is outside - the green front lawn of TUT gets crowded with students studying for their final exams.

TUT hosts almost everything a student needs. Three high-quality but low price student restaurants and four cafés are always just a few steps away from lecture rooms and laboratories. Computer rooms and wireless internet around the campus are available for students 24 hours a day. Please read more about the facilities and services.

Besides studying, many TUT students also spend their free-time on campus. Excellent sports facilities, student club rooms and other hobby opportunities make TUT campus a place known for its relaxed atmosphere and great team spirit.

A small town called Hervanta

The first buildings of Tampere University of Technology were built in the middle of a forest during the seventies. Soon a new suburb started to develop around the university, and now Hervanta suburb is an excellent combination of nature and technology ca. 8 km south from Tampere city center.

Hervanta is one of the largest and well-known suburbs in Finland. With its 23 000 inhabitants and all the services you could possible need it feels like a little town of its own - actually many of the Finnish towns are smaller than Hervanta.
Hervanta is really compact: all the restaurants, student houses, shopping center DUO and all other services are within a couple of hundreds of meters from TUT.

The nature is still present all around Hervanta. Hervanta's green forests and numerous lakes make it sometimes hard to believe that Hervanta is also a technology center, for example the Hermia Science Park is located right next to TUT.

The nature offers plenty of choices for great free-time activities like hiking, skiing and swimming. You can do all your favourite sports like tennis, badminton, gym, football and ice-hockey. The lively student cultures of Tampere University of Technology and the Police College of Finland make up most of the cultural scene of Hervanta, but Hervanta has also a library and even its own newspaper. Hervanta is known for its international atmosphere: nearly 10 % of people living in Hervanta are international.


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