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Financial arrangements for studies

Students are expected to make their own arrangements for financial support to cover the fees and other costs, such as travel expenses to and from Finland and living expenses in Finland.

The tuition fee for the english-taught degree programmes:

  • Bachelor's degree programme 10 000 euros per academic year
  • Master's degree programmes 12 000 euros per academic year

TUT offers a generous scholarship programme for fee-paying students. More information on tuition fees and scholarships

Finnish National Agency for Education (EDUFI) offers scholarships to foreign postgraduate (i.e. doctoral) students. More information on scholarships for doctoral students on the Study in Finland webpage

Living expenses

The cost of living in Finland is on average comparable to the rest of Europe. For basic living expenses, students will need EUR 750-950 per month.

Student accommodation(e.g.TOAS)

EUR 250-450 per month


EUR 300 per month. University restaurants serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, that cost EUR 1.50 - 2.60 per meal

Local transportation

EUR 35 per month

Academic expenses (e.g. books)

Students usually do not have to buy course books as most of the books are available from TUT Library. Course books are also available at the campus bookstore and cost approximately EUR 20-50 per book.

Personal expenses

Approximately EUR 150 per month

Other administrative fees

Student Union membership is mandatory for all students except for doctoral students, to whom the membership is optional. The Student Union membership fee for the academic year 2017-2018 is EUR 112. The fee is confirmed annually.

After having paid the fee, students are entitled to benefits such as the use of the Finnish Student Health Service, and discounts for example in student restaurants, shops and public transportation.

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