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The programme offers three possible major subjects:

Our thriving academic community welcomes you

Choose to study in the dynamic and attractive city of Tampere, one of the fastest growing cities in Finland. Embrace our high quality university teaching and research community and enjoy the vibrant student life, cultural events and welcoming atmosphere of Tampere.

TUT combines a strong tradition of research in the fields of natural sciences and engineering with research related to industry and business. Particular strengths include the interaction between fundamental and applied research, broad international networks and high-quality research projects that cut across departmental and disciplinary boundaries. TUT has been collaborating with businesses and industry ever since its establishment. TUT appears each year in a number of international rankings along with the world’s leading universities.

International Bachelor's studies

Science and engineering are the basis for all development and innovations. There is an increasing need for experts who have a strong mathematical background and creative skills to solve complex problems.

Studies in the International Degree Programme in Science and Engineering, BSc (Tech) give you abilities to follow the accelerating technological development and to use scientific methods. Step into the world of science and engineering with endless opportunities!


Upon completion of the 180 credit, three-year programme you will earn the degree of Bachelor of Science in Technology. As a graduate of the programme, you will have a wealth of options for your future direction to choose from! When first admitted, all students in the programme are granted a study right to one of TUT’s Master’s programmes in English without having to apply again. The focus of your future career may be in software engineering, robotics, wireless communications, biomedical sciences, business and technology, materials science... The choice is yours!

Study in cool, green and stable surroundings

Finland is known for its beautiful and clean nature, cool climate and stable society. Environmental issues are highly recognized and valued. Tampere lies between two lakes and is surrounded by vast forests which offer opportunities to enjoy and explore nature. And if you’re up for some serious winter action, jump on a train and you’ll be in northern Finland in just a few of hours. Most importantly, the Finnish success story is bound by education. We have built one of the world’s most appreciated education systems with equal opportunities for everyone. Come and see for yourself.

How to apply

I wanted to study at a place where I can pursue what I love but also get a lifetime of experience. And TUT was a good fit for these criteria. Here, my group has students from 12 different countries and that’s an amazing thing itself. (First-year BSc student, 2016)


Going to TUT is definitely an academic milestone in my life. It took a long process and effort to get to this point, but I cannot describe how satisfied and glad I am to be part of this amazing community full of great facilities, resources, people, and spirit. (First-year BSc student, 2016)




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Bachelor's studies in English

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