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Exchange students

Eligibility of exchange students

A student can apply to TUT as an exchange student, if the student is studying at one of TUT's partner universities (ERASMUS, NORDPLUS, GE4, FIRST or others).

If there is no valid exchange agreement between TUT and the student's home university, the student may still apply for admission to TUT as a visiting student, a so-called freemover. Each freemover student application will be considered case by case. The total number of exchange student applicants from our partner universities determines how many freemovers may be admitted. Please contact the International Office, interoff (at), with questions about freemover applications.

Students with special needs should contact the International Office to discuss arrangements for their stay in Finland and at TUT.

Application procedures

Exchange students complete an online application. Once we have received nominations from our partner universities, we will send the link to the online application by e-mail to the nominated students. Paper applications will not be considered. Official transcripts of university records and their English translations and a soft copy of the applicant's photo are to be delivered online. Students of architecture are also required to attach a portfolio (pdf) to the online application.

Deadlines for receiving applications:

  • Autumn semester arrivals: 15 May
  • Spring semester arrivals: 15 October

Unfortunately we cannot process any late applications. Please make sure to apply within the deadline.

Language requirements

Exchange students must have sufficient skills in the English language to follow classes (at least level B1 on the Common European Framework or IELTS band score 3.5-4.5), as the courses given in English are of advanced level.

Course catalogue

Courses available in English during the academic year 2015-2016 are listed in the Course Catalogue. Please read carefully the course descriptions and note that there are also courses, which are only intended for degree students. Check also the prerequisites of the courses. Students don't have to take the exact prerequisite courses at TUT, but they need to have the equivalent knowledge from their previous studies.Students are advised to prepare a flexible study plan, as they have to sign up for courses at TUT upon arrival and access to courses (especially language courses) cannot be guaranteed due to the limited number of places available. Please note that there still might be some changes in the course catalogue.

Any kind of thesis/ project work is always a special arrangement as they are not a part of the ECTS curriculum. Students cannot be guaranteed to be accepted for a thesis/ project. Students who succeed to find a placement will need to apply as exchange students via the normal procedure and before the deadline.

There is also exchange opportunity at the TUT Pori Department. TUT Pori Department operates under the University Consortium of Pori (UCPori) to which also Aalto University, University of Tampere and University of Turku belong. The exchange students admitted to TUT Pori Unit can select courses from all the four different universities operating at UCPori. The course offering in English comprises four thematic modules: Industrial Engineering and Management, Business and Entrepreneurship, Game Design and Culture as well as Information Technology. However, Pori is situated approximately 140 km from Tampere and therefore the students cannot attend lectures at the Tampere main campus. Please check the web pages for detailed information concerning TUT Pori Unit and the course offering.

Exchange students who are admitted to Tampere University of Technology (TUT) can complete specific courses in the University of Tampere (UTA) and Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) as well. These Unipoli studies refer to the so-called cross-institutional study right. For more information, please see the web pages of Unipoli Tampere.

Academic calendar

The academic year at TUT is divided into two semesters, the autumn semester and the spring semester. The academic year consists of four teaching periods and there is an examination week(s) at the end of each teaching period. The autumn semester begins in late August and ends at the end of December. The spring semester starts in early January and ends in late May (please see the academic calendar for exact dates).

There are three options for an exchange study period at TUT:

  • Students can choose to study for the whole academic year (teaching periods 1-4).
  • Students can choose to study for the duration of the autumn semester (teaching periods 1-2). In this case the students need to select courses that are arranged during these two teaching periods.
  • Students can choose to study for the duration of the spring semester (teaching periods 3-4). In this case the students need to select courses that are arranged during the third and fourth teaching period.


Please see the academic calendar, study guides etc. under Studying at TUT  section.

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