Doctoral programmes - Tampere University of Technology

Towards a doctorate (PhD)

TUT offers doctoral students a high-standard, inspiring research environment, high-quality supervision and support for pursuing a postgraduate degree.

Doctoral education is organized through TUT's graduate school within the framework of faculty-specific doctoral programmes. The programmes are:


In case you are interested in doctoral studies and already know a possible topic for your dissertation, please contact either the doctoral programme that best matches your research interests or a potential supervisor. For more information, please go to the web pages of the programmes.

Applicants who hold one of the following qualifications are eligible to apply for admission:

  1. a master's degree in a technical-scientific field;
  2. other degree of a corresponding level that is deemed to provide the student with the necessary competencies to pursue scientific or artistic postgraduate studies;
  3. or applicable foreign qualifications that render the person eligible for corresponding studies in the country where the degree was obtained


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