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World Championships of Academic Kyykkä 2017

On Saturday February 11th 2017 the Tampere University of Technology campus area in Hervanta, Tampere, will once again be filled with thousands of students who have come to enjoy the spectacle of the World Championships of Academic Kyykkä!

Starting at 09:00 in the morning hundreds of teams will fiercely compete for victory on fields around the campus. The ISE (I Speak English) Series is specially reserved for internationally-minded people and exchange students who would like to compete in academic kyykkä. The official language for the series is English which means that all the referees will speak English and the rules are also available in English.

The sign-up for the ISE starts on Thursday December 1st 2016. More information about the sign-up is coming soon. Follow us on Facebook and for more information!

After the tough matches it’s good to relax and party a bit which is made very much possible by the official afterparty. The parties take place in Tampere centre at Ravintolamaailma in Koskikeskus shopping centre and at Club Hehku.  At Ravintolamaailma in Koskikeskus the party atmosphere is guaranteed by a Finnish rising star Evelina and at Club Hehku by a Finnish grime band Horse Attack Sqwad and the clubs’ own DJs. The After Party Overall Badge that also serves as your entry ticket costs 10 euros and can be purchased online at Please note that your ticket only allows you to enter the club indicated in the badge.

You can also find the event and afterparties on Facebook:

World Championships of Academic Kyykkä 2017

Afterparty of the World Championships of Academic Kyykkä 2017, Ravintolamaailma

Afterparty of the World Championships of Academic Kyykkä 2017, Club Hehku

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Welcome to the championships!

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