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Who is sparring whom on the kyykkä field?

Students at Tampere University of Technology’s Faculty of Natural Sciences spent the afternoon of 6 March basking in sunlight and playing kyykkä with their teacher mentors. Between rounds, students and teachers exchanged thoughts about the past few months of study.
Bioengineering student Vili Sipilä (right) congratulates the Guild of Environmental and Energy Technology for their win.
Bioengineering student Vili Sipilä (right) congratulates the Guild of Environmental and Energy Technology for their win.

Teacher mentors are available for all new TUT students. Teacher mentors help students integrate into the university community and their professional field and provide advice on study matters.

First-year bioengineering student Vili Sipilä participated in the kyykkä tournament in the Bioner student guild.

“Kyykkä is a fun way to spend your time and brings a nice change to everyday work,” Sipilä says.

According to Sipilä, the mentor meetings during his first year of studies have been big group discussions concerning study matters and any worries or problems new students might have.

“We’ve discussed things like future job opportunities and study-related choices.”

At a later stage, students will also have the opportunity to have one-on-one discussions with their teacher mentor.

First-time kyykkä players

The teacher mentors are supposed to spar and support the students, but the kyykkä tournament turned things on their head, as it seemed it was the teachers who needed the students’ help with the sport. Mathematics lecturer Janne Kauhanen studied in Jyväskylä, and he was not familiar with the traditional sport of Tampere tech students.

“Well played for a first-timer,” physics student Iiris Hyttinen cheers.

Kauhanen is a teacher mentor for international students who began their studies last autumn in Finland's first English-language Bachelor’s degree level programme in technology.

“The students come from all around the world, so we have just got to know each other and talked about basic things, such as academic practices and TUT customs,” says Janne Kauhanen.

Professor and teacher mentor Jyrki Mäkelä throwing a karttu on his turn. Approximately 45 people took part in the kyykkä tournament, including students of bioengineering, environmental and energy technology, natural sciences, and the English-language Bachelor’s degree programme, along with their teacher mentors.

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