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What’s the Latest on the Possible Health Effects of Electric and Magnetic Fields?

Professor Leena Korpinen from the Tampere University of Technology’s Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering compiles a web publication twice a year that reports on the latest developments in the research focusing on exposure to low-frequency electric and magnetic fields.

Once again, Professor Korpinen has found some intriguing pieces of research for the bulletin. As many times before, the bulletin starts with papers on field exposure and childhood leukemia. Another paper discusses power lines from an entirely different perspective, comparing charged nanoparticle concentrations near high-voltage power lines and busy roads.

Towards the end of the bulletin, there is a paper reporting on the magnetophosphene perception of volunteer individuals exposed to 50 mT magnetic fields. Their descriptions of the phenomenon make for quite interesting reading.

The last article deals with occupational exposure. This time the focus is on oxidative stress.

Situation Report Bulletin 1 / 2015_- published 25 June 2015

News submitted by: Marjut Kemiläinen
Keywords: science and research