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User experience studied in electric buses in the Helsinki region

TUT is participating in the ‘Living Lab Bus’ project launched at the turn of the year and coordinated by VTT. In the project, a novel development and testing platform will be created for smart services and technologies in Finnish electric buses operating in the Helsinki region.

From TUT, the Department of Pervasive Computing is a participant in the project.

“Our aim is to study the passengers’ user experience concerning the services and how much the different services offered improve their conception of electric buses. Furthermore, we will measure the impact of the services on the willingness to use public transportation,” Professor Kaisa Väänänen explains.  

The services offered to passengers may include information on up-to-date road conditions, product sales along the route and travel comfort services, such as games.

TUT is also in charge of the sensor and positioning solutions that produce measurement data on travel comfort.

“We have high-precision measurement equipment for measuring such aspects as vehicle positions, acceleration and turning. For example, if a passenger has felt uncomfortable during a bus trip, we can search for possible causes in the data, such as sudden braking or road conditions,” Senior Research Fellow Jussi Collin notes.

The Living Lab Bus joint project, coordinated by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and launched at the beginning of 2016, uses the Finnish electric buses acquired by Helsinki Region Transport as concrete development and testing platforms for businesses to validate their solutions in a real use environment. The buses can be used for testing user-oriented smart services and technologies, ranging from user interfaces and passenger services to sensors and transport operators’ solutions.

In addition to the Helsinki region, the City of Tampere is also participating in the project, exploiting the results in its own public transport development and experiments.

Coordinated by VTT, the three-year Living Lab Bus project comprises the projects of Ajeco (secure multichannel communications), Cinia One (cloud services and interfaces), EEE Innovations (smart transport ICT solutions), Foreca (weather and road weather services), iQ Payments (mobile payment solutions) and Linkker (electric bus), as well as the supporting research projects by VTT, Aalto University, University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. The enablers, supporters and utilisers of the project are Helsinki Region Transport, the City of Helsinki, the City of Tampere and Tekes – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.  

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VTT Press Release (3 March 2016)
Professor Kaisa Väänänen,, tel. +358 40 849 0731
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