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Ulla Ruotsalainen was surrounded by former students at her send-off seminar

The office of TUT's Vice President for Research Ulla Ruotsalainen will end at the turn of the year. Once retired, she is planning to take a breath and enjoy her free time. Ruotsalainen’s former students, TUT alumni, arranged her a scientific send-off seminar.
Ulla Ruotsalainen’s send-off seminar was held in Kampusareena on 2 December.
Ulla Ruotsalainen’s send-off seminar was held in Kampusareena on 2 December.

Professor Ulla Ruotsalainen has engaged in pathbreaking work on PET image processing in Finland, and her work is also well-known abroad. She has accumulated a total of 42 working years, 16 latest of which at TUT. In 2008–2013, Ruotsalainen was Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering. At the beginning of 2015, she became TUT’s Vice President and took over the development of TUT’s scientific operations.

Research and its scientific quality have remained close to Ulla Ruotsalainen’s heart throughout the years. People know her as a great person to have conversations with and she is always receptive to other people. Ruotsalainen feels proud about the great positions her former students hold in working life.

“It has been very important to me that my students have each developed in their own field of expertise, both personally and as experts. I am also pleased that they have found such interesting positions in research and in business life. I believe that they have the ability to boldly take on new challenges when needed. Our international M2oBSI research group has been a very special research community. It has allowed us to learn a lot from each other,” Ulla Ruotsalainen says.

Wise adviser

Ulla Ruotsalainen has had a crucial impact on the careers of many TUT alumni. Evgeny Krestyannikov came to TUT in 2003 to study biomedical imaging upon Ruotsalainen’s invite. Ruotsalainen helped her get a four-year scholarship for pursuing doctoral studies and enabled her to participate in several conferences and international summer schools.

“Ulla was a patient teacher and a wise adviser to all her students. I will never forget the great atmosphere we had in our team. Ulla never pushed us to do things in one specific way, but instead always gave us freedom. She taught us to think independently and choose our own methods in doing research,” Evgeny Krestyannikov reminisces about her doctoral study period.

Krestyannikov currently works in the camera and imaging technology area at Intel in Tampere.

Encouraged towards internationality

Jussi Tohka, Associate Professor (tenure track) of biomedical signal and image analysis at the University of Finland, worked together with Ruotsalainen at TUT’s Department of Signal Processing for nearly 15 years. Ruotsalainen encouraged Tohka to pursue international research visits and she also contributed to making them possible.

“Ulla has had a major impact on my career, first as my dissertation instructor and later as a mentor,” Jussi Tohka says.

Jarmo Takala is the new Vice President

Professor Jarmo Takala will take office as TUT’s Vice President for Research on 1 January 2017.  His term will continue until 31 December 2018. Takala has been Dean and Vice Dean at TUT’s Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering since 2014.

“I feel grateful to Ulla for these years. It has been good to follow her steps, first as Dean and soon as Vice President,” says Takala. 

Petri Suomala will continue as TUT‘s Vice President for Education.


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