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Two TUT-born companies win awards for technical creativity

The City of Tampere has granted the 2015 Awards for Technical Creativity to Modulight Oy and Colossal Order Oy. Both companies were born out of research conducted at Tampere University of Technology (TUT).
Mariina Hallikainen showcased Colossal Order’s games in a Finnish issue of TUT’s Interface magazine in 2011.
Mariina Hallikainen showcased Colossal Order’s games in a Finnish issue of TUT’s Interface magazine in 2011.

Modulight was spun out of research carried out at the Optoelectronics Research Centre of TUT. The company has developed a medical laser system for a novel cancer therapy process. The technology allows the introduction of therapeutic molecules in a biologically active form specifically into diseased cells and thereby helps avoid harmful side effects. This treatment option can be especially helpful for patients whose tumours are difficult to remove surgically. The company has already signed worldwide export contracts. The award was given out to DTech Petteri Uusimaa, MSc (Tech) Ville Vilokkinen and MSc (Tech) Sampsa Kuusiluoma from Modulight.

The award was also granted to MA Karoliina Korppoo and BSc (Tech) Mariina Hallikainen from Colossal Order, which likewise originates from research undertaken at TUT. The jury was impressed by the creativity displayed by the company, which has taken the gaming industry by storm. Colossal Order's game “Cities: Skylines” has reshaped the landscape of city building games and attracted attention around the world. The game has sold more than a million copies in a short time, and the company has set its sights in hitting the two million mark. 

Special commendation in recognition of successful commercialization activities

TUT’s alumni, DTech Jaakko Raukola received a special commendation in recognition of his significant contributions towards the commercialization of research results in the manufacturing industry. Raukola is now running two companies. KeepLoop markets a module that turns a mobile device into a microscope and has market potential, among others, in the coating industry and the healthcare sector. The device will soon be released into the consumer market. Iscent operates in the packaging and printing industries and has developed new environmentally friendly and cost-effective hologram technology. Holograms are not fascinating only because of their aesthetic appeal, as they allow micro codes, which are difficult to counterfeit, to be embedded in the packaging material to add a further level of product security for retailers and consumers.

The City of Tampere has given out the annual award since 1981.

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