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TUT to introduce new major in robotics

Beginning next autumn, students at Tampere University of Technology can major in robotics. This is a significant opening, as TUT is the first Finnish university to offer robotics as a major subject.

Robots and autonomous systems will increase rapidly in number in the near future. They will be as commonplace in homes and households as in the industrial and service sectors. Different industries are now investing heavily in the research and development of robotics and its applications.

“TUT is always monitoring the rising needs in the industry, and we develop our degree programmes accordingly. There is an obvious need for expertise in robotics. TUT has therefore decided to introduce a new major in the subject and offer new courses in robotics,” says Dean Pauli Kuosmanen from the Faculty of Engineering Sciences.

Students at TUT will be able to major in robotics from the autumn of 2017. Students majoring in the subject will be offered extensive studies in robotics and the possibilities it has to offer for society. Courses in robotics will range from fundamental theory to practical experimentation with real-life robots. A variety of interesting optional studies will also be available. The courses will be held in English.

The major in robotics is aimed especially at students in TUT’s degree programmes in automation engineering, mechanical engineering, and computing and electrical engineering. Robotics students are expected to have good mathematical and computer skills, including knowledge in programming. Robotics is also a good fit as a minor subject for students in almost all degree programmes in technology.

“Expertise in robotics can be applied to many interesting tasks in a variety of fields. Students majoring in the subject will be able to act in varied positions in research and industry,” says Dean Mika Grundström.

The goal is for graduates to be able to develop robotic systems and work in teams together with experts from different fields.

Further information:

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences Pauli Kuosmanen, tel. +358 50 304 5934,

Dean of the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering Mika Grundström, tel. +358 50 554 2343,

Associate Professor (tenure track) Reza Ghabcheloo, tel. +358 40 849 0346,


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