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TUT’s researchers win grants from the Academy of Finland

The Academy of Finland’s Research Council for Natural Sciences and Engineering has awarded a total of 6.4 million euros of funding for 13 research projects carried out at TUT.

Professor Robert Piche of Tampere University of Technology (TUT) develops a new generation of small, inexpensive sensors with which to measure and analyse human movement in a natural environment. The new sensor technology will form the basis for new motion analysis methods in kinesiology that can bring improvements to athletic performance and fitness training. The solutions developed in the project can be applied to swimming, rowing, running and other activities.

Grants were awarded for the following projects

Professor Karen Eguiazarian, Department of Signal Processing: Sparse Complex Domain Wave Field Imaging

Academy Professor Moncef Gabbouj, Department of Signal Processing: Teaching Computers to See Objects in Big Visual Data (See-Big)

Professor Pasi Kallio, Department of Automation Science and Engineering: Automatic Multi-parametric Characterization of Bio-based Materials using Microrobotics

Adjunct Professor Tapio Katko, Department of Chemistry and Bioengineering: Renewing Water Services Management and Governance in the Built Environment (ReWaGons)

Professor Martti Kauranen, Department of Physics: Mode Matching and Phase Matching in Nonlinear Metamaterials

Research Manager Serkan Kiranyaz, Department of Signal Processing: Advanced Computational and Statistical Techniques for Biomonitoring and Aquatic Ecosystem Service Management

Anssi Klapuri, Department of Signal Processing: Audio Content Analysis using Perceptual Models

Professor Robert Piche, Department of Automation Science and Engineering: Sensor Fusion for Kinesiology Research (OpenKin)

Professor Pentti Saarenrinne, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems: Model Study for Fluidized Bed Agglomeration

Postdoctoral Researcher Antti Stenvall, Department of Electrical Engineering: Advanced Numerical Computation Methods for Massive Parabolic Problems

Professor Mika Valden, Optoelectronics Research Centre: Steely ways to sustainable hydrogen production – thermally grown oxides on advanced iron alloys for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by solar water splitting

Professor Mikko Valkama, Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering: Massive MIMO: Advanced Antennas, Systems and Signal Processing at mm-Waves (M3MIMO)

Associate Professor (tenure track) Minnamari Vippola, Department of Materials Science: Fundamental of Barkhausen noise and magnetic field modelling – Multidisciplinary approach to implement sweep measurements for industrial quality control

Funding to promote the quality and renewal of Finnish science and research

The Academy of Finland has granted a total of some 38 million euros in funding for research projects in the field of natural sciences and engineering that will primarily run for four years. The average sum granted was 444,000 euros per project. Of all funded projects, 38 per cent were part of a research consortium. In total, the Research Council processed more than 500 proposals.

The Academy of Finland stated that all the projects that received funding were of excellent scientific quality and showed much promise in terms of research impact. The researcher mobility involved in the projects, the new initiatives and the support for early-career researchers all serve to promote the renewal of science and strengthen scientific quality. The projects cover a wide range of topics, such as internal combustion engines, biorefinery processes, advanced battery technology and sensors to measure and analyse human movement.

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