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TUT's research units in Rauma to be discontinued

The research units operated by Tampere University of Technology in the City of Rauma will be closed at the end of 2017. The University continues to offer research, R&D, and professional development services to companies in and around Rauma, but now on the TUT campus in Tampere.

Tampere University of Technology has operated two research units in Rauma. One is focused on electronics and the other on hydraulics and automation. The units’ activities have been based on the world-class research conducted in their home university and served as links between Tampere University of Technology and companies in Rauma. The units have also engaged in international research collaboration.

“The activities of the research units have been based on the needs of industry and business. They have actively carried out development projects and worked in close collaboration with companies in the Satakunta province and the City of Rauma to provide high-quality research, R&D and professional development services,” says Heikki Nurmi, Head of Business Services for the City of Rauma.

The City of Rauma and Tampere University of Technology have mutually decided to close the research units. The decision is based on the diminished volume of operations, the economics of maintaining the hydraulics laboratory, and the fact that many of the companies in the region already have close ties to the TUT campus in Tampere.  

“Companies agree that contacts to Tampere University of Technology are important, but they are divided over the need for the University’s local presence,” says Nurmi.

The research units have received funding by completing commissioned development projects and providing services to companies as well as from the City of Rauma.  

“The needs of companies have changed dramatically in the past few years. There are now fewer electronics companies operating in Rauma, and the existing hydraulics companies have invested in their own equipment. New companies and networks have emerged to provide R&D and innovation services. It has become challenging to acquire funding for research and development projects,” says Dean Minna Kellomäki from TUT.

“The strategy of Tampere University of Technology places special emphasis on the provision of services to industry and business. We are committed to maintaining our close ties with the companies in and around Rauma and find solutions to their R&D and innovation needs. We continue to offer the companies in Rauma experimental research and testing services in field conditions, in the facilities of the companies and on the TUT campus in Tampere,” emphasizes Dean Pauli Kuosmanen.

The discontinuation of the research units will not result in personnel reductions. The priority areas of the electronics unit in Rauma, which was established in 2001, have been RFID technology and wireless data transfer. The priority areas of the hydraulics units, launched in 2003, have been the development of the reliability of hydraulic systems, R&D activities, and the development of hydraulic components. The unit has also maintained a laboratory for hydraulics research.

Further information:
Pauli Kuosmanen, Dean, Tampere University of Technology, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, tel. +358 50 304 5934,
Rikumatti Levomäki, City Development Director, City of Rauma, tel. +358 50 554 7565,

News submitted by: Anna Naukkarinen
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