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TUT’s expertise in the limelight at Slush

The pick of the Tampere-based expertise is about to gain wider exposure at Slush. The most topical startups and commercialisers of research findings in areas such as health technology and the IoT will meet with international investors. Four research teams from TUT will present themselves.
Slush is Europe's leading startup event, taking place Nov 30–Dec 1 in Helsinki. The event connects startups & tech talent with top-tier international investors, executives and media.
Slush is Europe's leading startup event, taking place Nov 30–Dec 1 in Helsinki. The event connects startups & tech talent with top-tier international investors, executives and media.

Four research teams from Tampere University of Technology will present themselves at the event, aiming to commercialise their key research findings and related innovations. In addition to the Fantastic Four, startups and growth companies based on TUT’s research will also attend the event, including Wirepas, Braincare, W2E, Movendos, Injec and Forciot.

Slush will provide the research teams and the companies with a great opportunity to meet with international investors and take a step towards commercialising their innovations.

“It is also important for the University to highlight some of its research gems, to help research groups on their path towards commercialisation and, ultimately, to benefit Finnish society,” says Pasi Vakaslahti from TUT’s Innovation Services.

TUT’s research teams and startups will all be housed at a joint Tampere booth (6A.2) at Slush.

The booth is set up by Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea, the Invest in Finland Tampere unit, TUT and the University of Tampere. Overall, the booth will feature 11 companies and five research teams from Tampere.

TUT-based research teams attending Slush:

The world’s first bone graft substitute used similarly to native bone

Biomenders has created the world’s first elastic bone graft substitute that can be used similarly to native bone. AdaptOSTM is a novel, fully synthetic porous composite biomaterial that promotes 3D-bone regeneration in any shaped defect during surgery. The materials are safe for the patient and the solution brings to the market a highly cost-efficient and versatile alternative to traditional, biological grafts.

AdaptOS comes from a multidisciplinary team of experts with years of experience in materials science, orthopedics, bone mending and the medical device business. The team aims to support the natural healing processes of the human body using advanced materials technology. Further information: Kaarlo Paakinaho, (+358 40 8490 975,

New method for open heart surgery

CardiomeDIC is a new method based on optical sensing that can be applied in open heart surgery. It is a cost-efficient and safe tool for gathering measured heart analysis data. The innovation comes from a multidisciplinary, entrepreneurially-oriented team of engineers, clinicians and scientists that works in cooperation with Tampere University Hospital and Universitätsklinikum Gießen und Marburg. Further information: Mikko Hokka (+358 4084 90132,

Real-time information on industrial processes

Collo offers a reliable and user-friendly IoT-technology-based solution for industrial process monitoring. ColloProbe is an electronic device that observes the state of particles in liquids. It generates real-time information directly to the production line, thus enabling improved process efficiency and minimised raw material loss. Previously, process monitoring has been slow and dependent on sampling and sample analyses.

Collo is formed by a team with technical expertise, marketing competence and startup acumen. Further information: Matti Järveläinen (+358 40 574 2980,

Effective characterisation of industrial fibres

FIBRobotics develops the ‘FIBRobot’ robotics-based platform for the characterisation of fibre samples. The concept enables the mechanical testing of fibres at a single-fibre level. FIBRobot is applicable to both natural and man-made fibres. Its major advantage is its capability to characterise individual fibres with a significantly higher throughput than with conventional methods. Robotics ensures enhanced accuracy and measurement repeatability.

FIBRobot can be modified for testing numerous material properties and it can also be integrated into other characterisation platforms. Further information: Mathias von Essen (+358 40 849 0019,


Further information on the Tampere booth at Slush:

Anna-Krista Sorvoja, Communications Manager, Tampere Region Economic Development Agency Tredea, tel. +358 50 572 0607,

Eeva Kiiskinen, Communications Manager, Tampere3 process, tel. +358 40 558 0103,

Photo: SLUSH / Jussi Ratilainen



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