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TUT continues to improve its NTU Ranking

Tampere University of Technology climbed the National Taiwan University Ranking in the field of Electrical Engineering by 29 positions, now ranking number 200.

National Taiwan University (NTU) publishes a ranking list of the world’s top universities based on scientific paper performance. Out of the thousands of universities around the world, the top 500 make the list. The position on the list is based on productivity and the quality and impact of the publications.

NTU Ranking lists the universities based on six field categories and 14 subject categories. TUT ranked number 200 in the field of electrical engineering. TUT’s position has been on the rise in recent years: TUT ranked 229th in 2015 and 259th in 2014.

The top of the ranking list for electrical engineering was occupied by National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and Tsinghua University. The best ranked Finnish university on the list was Aalto University at 96, while the University of Oulu achieved the third best position among Finnish universities, number 269, after TUT.

In the overall NTU Ranking, the top three universities were Harvard University, Stanford University ja Johns Hopkins University.

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News submitted by: Tiina Leivo
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