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TUT Board: The new university deserves adequate funding

Tampere3 is the most significant ongoing national initiative for the structural development of the higher education system. TUT's Board finds it crucial that the high-standard teaching and other operations of the universities and the UAS are not jeopardised due to the finances.

According to Tero Ojanperä, Chairman of the Board of TTY Foundation that operates as Tampere University of Technology, TUT is strongly committed to carrying through the establishment of the Tampere3 university group.

“We have an amazing opportunity to build a multidisciplinary university group that enables flexible study paths, operates under strategic management and maintains a strong economy. This will help us boost the competitive edge of the university and further improve the quality of our research and education,” Ojanperä says.

The TUT Board has discussed the Tampere3 initiative and carefully analysed the prerequisites for carrying it through. The TUT Board convened on Wednesday and Thursday and concluded that the new university group could start its operations in 2020, provided that the Ministry of Education and Culture allocates additional funding for the merger and undertakes to capitalise the new group by a significant investment. This is to secure adequate financial grounds for the university group. Furthermore, the founders of the new university foundation and the universities themselves must be committed to the strategic management model of the foundation university.

“We are making great progress with the cooperation between the universities and the university of applied sciences, and these joint efforts will be further increased and made systematically closer – in parallel with the creation of the new university group. An explicit strategic investment in the group’s funding is necessary in order to secure good operational prerequisites for students and researchers,” Ojanperä says.

TUT’s President Mika Hannula stresses that Tampere3 is currently the most important political initiative within higher education in Finland.

“We are boldly restructuring and therefore also rising to the government’s long-term challenge for higher education institutions. This initiative holds great importance for the future of the Finnish higher education system as a whole. It is very unfortunate that we are still missing critical funding to execute a process of this scale, however. This initiative should be seen as a return yielding investment, both for taxpayers and the wider society,” Hannula says.

Chair of the Board Maria Kultanen from the Student Union of Tampere University of Technology is pleased with the decision made by TUT’s Board.

“The Student Union finds it essential that education and research are prioritised throughout this cooperation process. We have already managed to find incredible forums for interdisciplinary collaboration between the three institutions, but this work has fallen behind due to the rush with administrative steps. We must not allow an impossible schedule to result in poor solutions in terms of finances and the community’s well-being – we must avoid inflicting lost generations,” Kultanen says.

Further information:
Tero Ojanperä, Chairman of the Board of TTY Foundation, tel. +358 40 558 3096
President of Tampere University of Technology Mika Hannula, tel. +358 400 331 838 
Chair of the Board of TTYY (The Student Union of Tampere University of Technology) Maria Kultanen, tel. +358 40 713 0080



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