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TTYY decided to give its development cooperation fund to the victims of the earthquakes

TTYY decided to give its development cooperation fund, 2 000 euros, to the victims of the earthquakes.

- We wanted to give our support to the massive material and cultural rebuilding in Nepal. Natural disasters can happen anywhere, irrespective of people’s wealth or nationality. In these unpredictable catastrophes we, who have the means to help, have to act quickly and accordingly to the need, says Maria Kultanen, Student Union’s responsible for development cooperation.

In addition to the donation TTYY organized a charity movie show at the campus on the 11th of May. The movie was Autolla Nepaliin – Unelmien elokuva (In a Car to Nepal - A Movie of Dreams). Approximately 150 students came to see the movie.

More information:

Maria Kultanen, 040 713 0076
Teemu Viljamäki, 040 713 0080


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