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The most contented Erasmus students in Finland study at TUT

The most content Erasmus exchange students in Finland study at Tampere University of Technology. According to a survey, both inbound and outbound Erasmus exchange students at TUT were highly pleased with their exchange experiences.

Out of the inbound Erasmus students at TUT, a staggering 99.5 per cent were contented with their exchange experiences. The second most pleased were the students at the Universities of Oulu and Lapland. The average rate for all Finnish higher education institutions was 65.

Among TUT’s outbound Erasmus exchange students, 95 per cent were happy with the support they received from their own higher education institution. The University of the Arts Helsinki and Centria University of Applied Sciences ranked second and the University of Vaasa came in third. The average rate was 81 per cent.

These are some of the results from the EU Survey carried out among exchange students in higher education institutions participating in an Erasmus programme during the 2014–15 semester. The survey was commissioned by CIMO, an expert organisation in international mobility and co-operation, and it covered the Erasmus students from all Finnish higher education institutions.

Erasmus is the most extensive exchange programme for higher education students in Europe.

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