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The Board appointed new vice presidents

In its meeting on Monday, the Board of the TTY Foundation decided on the new vice presidents for the term 1 January 2017–31 December 2018. Professor Jarmo Takala was appointed as Vice President for Research and Professor Petri Suomala as Vice President for Education.

The current vice presidents’ terms of office will end on 31 December 2016. The term of the newly appointed vice presidents from 1 January 2017 through 31 December 2018 is convenient from the perspective of the Tampere3 process, as it concurs with that of the vice rectors at the University of Tampere.

The positions of vice presidents were publicly open for application 13–24 May 2016. The applicants were expected to hold a doctoral degree and a demonstrated history of good leadership. Altogether 17 applicants applied for the two open positions. Seven of the applicants were current TUT employees and ten were external applicants. Aptitude assessments conducted by an external specialist were used in the selection process.

The newly appointed Vice President for Research, Professor Jarmo Takala, has been the Dean for TUT’s Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering since 2014. The new Vice President for Education, Professor Petri Suomala, will continue in the same position he has held since April 2016. He was previously the Dean for TUT’s Faculty of Business and Built Environment.

TUT’s vice president for research is responsible for the University’s research activities and postgraduate studies. The vice president for education is responsible for the teaching, learning environments and continuing education at TUT. The president, vice presidents and director of administration form the University’s Rectorate. The Rectorate and the deans constitute TUT’s Management Group, which is a supporting body for TUT’s president.

“These decisions on the vice presidents and the decisions on the new deans made earlier this summer were affected by the overall balance in TUT’s Management Group as regards diverse backgrounds and competence. Key areas in the vice presidents’ duties include strategic management, execution of changes, network and interest group relations and HR management. The advancement of the Tampere3 project is another key aspect in the vice presidents’ duties,” President Mika Hannula notes.

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