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The Board appointed new deans

The Board of the TTY Foundation decided on the appointment of four full-time deans in its meeting yesterday. The deans will serve for the term 1 January 2017–31 December 2020.

TUT was seeking deans for four faculties which will start operations according to the new organizational structure at the beginning of next year. Altogether 22 people submitted their applications, including 16 current TUT employees and 6 external candidates.

The Board appointed PhD, lecturer Heli Harrikari as the Dean for the Faculty of Business and Built Environment. She has acted as the dean for the faculty since April 2016.

As the Dean for the Faculty of Natural Sciences, the Board appointed DTech, Professor Jyrki Vuorinen, who is the current dean of the faculty of Engineering Sciences until end of this year.

As the Dean for the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, the Board appointed DTech Pauli Kuosmanen. Kuosmanen is the CEO of Digile Ltd and he also has an extensive history working as a professor.

As the Dean for the Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering, the Board appointed DTech Mika Grundström. He is currently the Director of the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tampere.

Deans lead the operations of their faculties and they are responsible for the research and education, guided by the strategy of the University. The president, vice presidents and deans constitute TUT’s Management Group, which is a supporting body for TUT’s president.

“In addition to the candidates’ previous experience and management skills, the decisions were affected by the overall balance in TUT’s Management Group as regards diverse backgrounds and competence. This combination will secure both stability and renewal in the group,” President Mika Hannula comments.

The deans were appointed for the term 1 January 2017–31 December 2020. The advertisements for the open positions were issued jointly by TUT and the University of Tampere. News on the decisions on appointed deans made by the Board of the University of Tampere today is available on the UTA website

TUT was also seeking two vice presidents for the term starting at the beginning of 2017. The Board of the TTY Foundation will decide on the vice presidents early in the autumn.


News submitted by: Katja Ayres
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