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Tero Joronen appointed as TUT Industry Professor

DTech Tero Joronen became TUT Industry Professor at Tampere University of Technology at the beginning of August. This resourceful multitalent in industrial product development appreciates both close industry relations and science for the sake of curiosity.

For the University, a TUT Industry Professor is an important link between industry and research. Tampere University of Technology now has two as Tero Joronen assumed his position at the beginning of August. Joronen will share his working hours between Valmet and TUT.

“My professorship will cover power plant and combustion technology, for example, but the sphere of my position involves no strict limitations. I am a jack-of-all-trades in industrial product development and I have accumulated experience in several industrial processes and research communities. What I will bring to TUT is insight into the needs and hopes of industry and quick remedies to product development needs,” Tero Joronen notes.

Joronen has conducted research in biofuels, combustion technology, biotechnology and advanced process adjustment and optimization. Furthermore, he has an extensive history in industrial product development and innovation.

“One of my special assets is understanding the requirements for solutions aspired. I am also very resourceful and one of my passions is thinking up new solutions. As a project executor, I am highly goal-oriented.”

Tero Joronen (b. 1969 in Imatra, Finland)


  • Doctor of Science in Technology 2005, TUT
  • Master of Science in Technology 1994, TUT

Key work history:

  • Extensive career with Valmet since 1994
  • Working at TUT on an Academy of Finland grant during postgraduate studies
  • Visits at the University of California at Berkeley at the postgraduate and postdoc stages
  • Business name ‘Ideahyrrä’ for commercializing inventions external to his work, e.g. in the field of construction engineering.

Family and hobbies: Wife who is a University Lecturer at the School of Health Sciences of the University of Tampere, two children (12 and 6). Everyday activities with the family and children, culture (such as acting) and marriage-related work.

Aiming at competitive Finnish technology

The newly appointed professor started working for Valmet in 1994, and since then, he has had a long career with the same employer. Along the years, the employer’s name has changed, however, before being restored to Valmet in 2013. From the research point of view, some of the milestones in Joronen’s career include fruitful product development projects and products, such as the optimization of the lime sludge reburning kiln and the fluidised-bed boiler, as well as Valmet's all-new solution for wood dust combustion. At the moment, Joronen is working on the liquefaction of solid biomass. The technology is currently at the laboratory stage, but the group aims to commercialise the technology.

“My ambition is to develop new and competitive Finnish technology. I would also like to teach industrial product development and innovation. Ideally, I would like to combine my competence in the areas of advanced process adjustment and optimization. I wish to be contacted by cooperation partners with their research needs on an extensive scale.”

“I would also like to develop our research group in the fields of traditional energy and combustion technology. In fact, we at Valmet are about to launch an EU project in which we will be working in cooperation with TUT in the area of combustion modelling,” Joronen notes.

Never forget passion

Tero Joronen is excited about his new position, as he feels that TUT still has a lot of potential for increased industry cooperation. TUT’s President Mika Hannula is also pleased that the University is known for its good industry and business relations.

“These close relations are an asset that helps us develop both teaching and research. By knowing the industry requirements, we are able to quickly harness research results for industry use,” Hannula says.

“Close cooperation with businesses is also one of the reasons why our degrees are widely regarded as relevant for the working life and why so many of our master of science graduates succeed in finding employment,” he continues.

Tero Joronen also appreciates the fact that the University leaves room for good old curiosity and the passion for science.

“The cooperation of universities with industry and business representatives is extremely important, but in my view, our society should also hold the support for fundamental and applied research in high regard and see it as a profitable social investment. The screening must be quite strict, of course, but you cannot always predict which research will finally produce the true gems. We should also allow room for academic freedom, passion and scientific curiosity,” Joronen underlines.

News submitted by: Sanna Kähkönen
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