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Technology Industries donates 3 million euros to TUT

With its donation, The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries supports the University’s work for the renewal and future of Finland. It also encourages universities to boldly develop their strategic competence.

”This donation from the Technology Industries is a great opening and an important message in support of the fundraising of Tampere University of Technology. It is also a significant and tangible recognition for the University’s persevering work in enhancing Finland’s industrial competitiveness. Our university is actively involved with the creation of new business, companies and jobs around our research,” says President Markku Kivikoski of TUT.

The donations made out to the TTY Foundation, operating as Tampere University of Technology, are added to the foundation funds, and any yields are used for the development of education, research and the University’s influencing efforts as decided by the University Board.

The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries donated a total of 11 million euros to Finnish universities. In addition to TUT, donations were received by Aalto University (5 million euros), the University of Oulu and Lappeenranta University of Technology (1.5 million euros each).

”This is a highly significant investment on the part of the Finnish technology industry. Competence is our most valuable asset. We aspire to be a long-term partner for the Finnish universities,” CEO Jorma Turunen comments.

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News submitted by: Tiina Leivo
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