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Summer greetings from the President

Tampere University of Technology is about to round off a busy and full academic year. We would like to thank all our partners for the cooperation and wish everyone a sunny and warm summer!

This past academic year started off with TUT’s 50th anniversary main event and the opening ceremonies for the Kampusareena building. Our lively campus became even bubblier with the adoption of the new campus building. The building brings together companies from various fields, researchers, students and alumni. TUT’s jubilee became particularly visible for the general public in October, as the Technology Days event took place at the Tampere city centre.

Many key indicators show that the scientific impact of our research is on the increase. Our research profile areas are gaining strength and the division of tasks between the Finnish universities of technology are becoming clearer. Our investment programme will speed up our research infrastructure renewal. The international tenure track recruitment of professors has also got off to a good start. One demonstration of TUT’s young researchers’ ambition and competence is that the Academy of Finland granted funding for a record number of TUT researchers this spring: eight Postdoctoral Researchers and three Academy Research Fellows.

In national surveys, TUT’s students reported feeling physically and mentally the best among all university students in Finland. TUT also clearly provides more counselling for study planning than the Finnish universities on average. Education and learning are boosted through investments in new learning environments and pedagogic management. The employment rates among TUT graduates are steady and a degree certificate earned at TUT continues to be a strong reference on the labour market.

One of our challenges and also an opportunity for the next couple of years is drawing our educational and research profiles closer to each other. This is to ensure that our strong research areas also attract the best student talent. At the same time, we must also increase our investments in the standard of scientific research in our strong educational areas.

Close industry and business cooperation has traditionally been one of TUT’s particular strengths. In TUT’s updated strategy, the University profiles itself as an institution that reshapes the competitive landscape of Finnish industry. In addition to research results and competent people, we produce new business. In the 2010s, for example, 180 TUT-based companies have employed 6,100 people and generated a turnover of over 1.2 billion euros.

Despite the commendable progress and profitability, TUT must become acclimatised to reduced finances due to the savings in state economy. All Finnish universities face this same challenge. We initiated a three-year adjustment programme last autumn. Our aim is to achieve permanent cost savings of 10 million euros through reorganization and reductions in staff number and facilities. By continuously rethinking and reshaping our structures, management and support services, we can ensure that our professors and other teaching and research staff are able to concentrate on their core tasks: teaching and research.

We all have a busy and productive academic year behind us and well-deserved holidays await. Now is the time to put our work aside for a while and have our batteries recharged. I would like to wish all TUT community members and our cooperation partners a nice and relaxing summer!

Mika Hannula


News submitted by: Katja Ayres
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