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Student competition on predicting of material properties with machine learning

Departments of signal processing and materials science organize a competition for students: Predict the properties of copper samples using machine learning techniques.

The two departments organize a joint competition to their students. Mixed groups from courses SGN-41006 and MOL-11250 compete in recognition of material properties from microscope images, with course teachers Heikki Huttunen and Mikko Hokka as competition hosts.

The competition is a substitute for a traditional programming assignment. The students of the course learn to solve practical tasks while getting experienced in communication in an interdisciplinary research environment.

The competition is already the third in the series of student challenges in the machine learning courses at department of Signal Processing.

The contest is open to all until 6.3.2016, and winners will receive Särkänniemi amusement park tickets (including those outside to the course).

Link to the Copper Analysis Challenge

News submitted by: Heikki Huttunen
Keywords: education and studies, science and research, the life of teekkari student, material properties, machine learning