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SEFI2016: Markku Markkula receives highest distinction for European engineering education

The European Society for Engineering Education, SEFI, has awarded Markku Markkula with the Leonardo da Vinci medal of honour for having made an outstanding contribution of international significance to engineering education.
The medal was presented to Markku Markkula (left) by SEFI President Martin Vigild at the SEFI2016 conference.
The medal was presented to Markku Markkula (left) by SEFI President Martin Vigild at the SEFI2016 conference.

The medal was presented to Markkula by Professor Hannu-Matti Järvinen and SEFI President Martin Vigild at the SEFI2016 conference gala dinner in Tampere on 13 September.

Markkula was accredited with having promoted the social impact of engineering education. For decades, he has made significant contributions to practical implementation in academia as well as Finnish and international politics. He is a renowned pioneer and advocate for lifelong learning and innovation.

“We must let go of the outdated mindset that one holds lifetime worth of information and knowledge upon graduation. Society and industry are ever-changing, which means that education must also dare to renew itself. Each and every one of us must have the courage to engage in reformation and become passionate learners,” Markkula stated in his acceptance speech.

Markku Markkula is currently working at Aalto University. He has previously worked as the Director of the Lifelong Learning Institute Dipoli and the President of the European Committee of the Regions. He has also chaired the Board of the Finnish Association of Graduate Engineers TEK and the Board of the Finnish Information Society Development Centre. Markkula is also well-known as a politician. By education, Markkula is a Master of Science in Technology, majoring in Production Management.

Leonardo da Vinci medals have been awarded since 1983. The first recipient was Jacques Delors who later became the President of the European Commission and held the position for a decade.  

“I am very pleased and taken by this distinction, and it is a great honour for me to be associated with the previous distinguished medal recipients,” Markkula says.

Markkula is the second Finnish person to receive the distinction; the medal has been previously awarded to Academician and Professor Teuvo Kohonen, a pioneer in the research of neural networks and self-organizing maps.

Further information: Markku Markkula, tel. +358 (0) 50 4642455

Photo: Mikä Kiviluoma / TT-kamerat


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