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Researchers at TUT receive funding for high-risk research

Researchers at TUT have secured a total of EUR 68,900 in research grants from ten Finnish foundations that have a mission to support science and research. Altogether the foundations awarded more than EUR 1.3 million to research projects in different fields of science and engineering.

The grants were given out during an event hosted by Technology Academy Finland on Wednesday, 25 March. The majority of the grants were awarded for projects in the fields of engineering. The foundations that handed out the grants are especially keen to sponsor high-risk, high-reward research. This year, the largest amount of funding, EUR 712,000, was donated by the K.H Renlund Foundation that supports geology-related research.  

”We support research activities but also hope to contribute to the growth of new businesses. Commercial potential is one of our award criteria,” says Jouni Lounasmaa, Advocate of KAUTE Foundation.

Grants for researchers at TUT

Walter Ahlström Foundation

Department of Materials Science,
MSc (Tech) Tuomo Nyyssönen, EUR 5,000
Research exchange in the USA, research topic ‘Quenching and partitioning of high-aluminium steel alloys’

Department of Electrical Engineering
MSc (Tech) Kari Lappalainen, EUR 3,400 €
‘Operation of photovoltaic power plants under variable environmental conditions’

Department of Materials Science
Msc (Tech) Ville Matikainen, EUR 3,000 €
‘Fundamental research on processing/structure/property/performance relationships of novel high velocity air-fuel spray process’

Department of Electrical Engineering
MSc (Tech) Kimmo Lummi, EUR 3,000
‘Electricity distribution network tariff structures in Smart Grid environment’

Department of Electrical Engineering
MSc (Tech) Ilkka Rytöluoto, EUR 4,000
‘New approach to large-area dielectric breakdown characterization and processing optimization of polymer films for next generation capacitor applications’

Optoelectronics Research Centre
MSc (Tech) Ville Polojärvi, EUR 5,000 €
‘High-efficiency multi-junction solar cells’

Department of Automation Science and Engineering
MSc (Tech) Veli-Pekka Pyrhönen, EUR 3,500
‘High-performance robust control using composite nonlinear feedback’

Optoelectronics Research Centre
Ph.N. Emmi Kantola, EUR 4,000
‘Development of novel semiconductor lasers for high impact applications’

K.H. Renlund Foundation

Adjunct Professor Pertti Nieminen, EUR 20,000
’Potential uses of dry concentration in small-scale mining’

KAUTE Foundation, Aimo Puromäki Fund

Department of Electrical Engineering
MSc (Tech) Kimmo Lummi, EUR 6,000
Dissertation research ‘Electricity distribution network tariff structures in Smart Grid environment’

Department of Electrical Engineering
DTech Tuomas Messo, EUR 12,000
‘Smart control solutions for minimizing the effects of connecting renewable energy sources to the grid’

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