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Researchers at TUT find a quicker way to pair smartphones: shake them

Researcher Hıdır Yüzügüzel and his colleagues at Tampere University of Technology have developed an easy way to pair two smartphones to share data. Their solution is to hold both devices in one hand and shake them together. The research was recently featured in the prestigious MIT Technology Review.

Pairing two smartphones to swap photos, documents and other data can be a complex process, which, if done via Bluetooth, usually requires the other user to manually enter a unique key supplied by one of the devices.

Yüzügüzel’s innovative approach makes use of the accelerometers built into most modern smartphones. The protocol ensures that shaking produces the same unique key on both devices. To prevent another smartphone from reproducing the key and establishing a connection either accidentally or maliciously, the on board software is primed to look for the sharp jolt from the accelerometers caused by two smartphones bumping together. This synchronizes the software in both devices to start analyzing the shaking motion.

The paper authored by Hıdır Yüzügüzel, Jari Niemi, Research Manager Serkan Kiranyaz, Academy Professor Moncef Gabbouj and Thomas Heinz and titled ‘Quicker Way to Pair Smartphones: Shake Them’ is available online.

The paper will be presented at the 13th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Intelligence and Computing (PICom-2015) to be held in Liverpool, UK, on 26-28 October 2015.

News submitted by: Anna Naukkarinen
Keywords: science and research, image and communications